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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Confirmation Card

Got mine in the mail yesterday!

Did a couple of runs out on the road - EARLY morning runs this week. I'm pretty excited about the Du. I won't be at work tomorrow so I can decide what I want to do as far as what beverage and other nibbles to bring along. I'll probably bring a bag with a few items in it to leave in the transition area...it will definitely feel different being a part of a team. I think my second run might just be a little better than when I did the full thing in June. While Robin is out on the bike course I'll have that time to keep loose and relaxed for the second run. Hopefully I won't add an additional 6 minutes as I did during the Blue Lake Du.

Oh well, this is all for fun and also for the challenge of it all. When I look back to 5 years ago, I was nearing the last week or so of my radiation treatments at this time back then. No way would I have ever thought that I would be participating in a multi-sport event 5 years later...it's just amazing.

There are times that I feel that this life that I'm living is not real. Who would have even imagined that I would be riding my bike for miles and miles and miles and that I would get to the point that running isn't all that bad? MAN! God is good and I am thankful for all that I have endured before, during and after treatments. If I hadn't I wouldn't have a clue of what I am capable of doing! Life is sweet and...


Saturday, July 25, 2009

One Week

and we'll be running and riding and running again...WE would be Robin and I!

Did a 3 mile run this morning and man, that felt good! Half way thru my run I was thinking I need to step up the pace I need to get done faster...I can't let Robin down! More importantly, I can't let myself down. Negative self talk is bad and when things start to hurt or if I'm not breathing so well, the negativity sets in quick! Things were much different this morning and nothing really hurt, I didn't focus on my breathing because I figured I was actually breathing okay and hadn't passed out yet....then when I decided it was time to pick it up a little it didn't hurt!!! That just probably is an indicator that I could do MORE. Dang it!

Well, this year it's all about doing the stuff I set my mind to. Next year I'll do more as far as training goes - actually add in the strength training part even though I don't know HOW, but I gotta give it a try. What would it be like if I did the training as outlined in my multi-sport book? Hmmm...I'll find out at Blue Lake 2010 - if all goes well. This multi-sport thing, it's ADDICTIVE!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not much longer...

and Robin and I will be tearin' up the course at the All Women's Event! Alright, so we won't be tearin' up anything, but we will have a fun time! We are officially registered and the confirmation cards will be sent next week...packet pick-up on Friday and a few days to run.

It will be a fun morning...run ride run baby!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

With the All Women's event a couple of weeks away, it seems that my training has really been hit or miss. I am riding a lot, did a little bit of running, and managed to lose a few pounds since the Tour de Blast. If Robin does do the event with me then all I have to do is run...two 5K's! That would be fine since I went all out on the bike portion of the Blue Lake Du...maybe not so smart. No matter, I FINISHED! I'll have to continue riding and doing the core exercises that I started last week - every little bit helps!

The heat hasn't helped, but I'm trying to do more riding in the heat at least. That will help, then I can't let myself whine about how hot it is while I'm doing this or that. I haven't tried running in the heat yet, I probably will do that next week at least a couple of times.

This weekend is Cycle Oregon Weekend so no running to be done...although I could pack my running gear and run early on the campus...now there is a good idea!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just a little more training...

That's all, just a little more. Twenty-two more days and I'll be running and riding and running again...I can't wait!

While training for Blue Lake and got to three weeks away from the event the days felt like they flew by. Now it just feels like time is slowing down somehow. It's all good, my goal is to ride to and from work at least 3 days a week so that there are a couple of days to run after work. Then on the weekend I'll do another easy run which probably should be a tempo run, but I'm thrilled to get out and run at all let alone at a pace I think I can keep throughout a race. Monday has been my rest day but I'll be switching that around until after the All Women's event.

It's been a while since I said so, but I'm PSYCHED!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Fun Run

Today was the Ridgefield 4th of July fun run...I have not trained or anything since the Du and the fact that I could mostly run the whole thing is a huge accomplishment, especially since this was quite the hilly route. I forgot to stop my timer on my watch and I'm figuring that I probably did it in under 38 minutes...but we'll have to check and see later.

With all the hills I think I did pretty decent - and it was fun! I am used to running in the cooler hours of the morning (5 a.m.) so it was a little warm running at 8 a.m. It would be a wise thing to run a little bit later in the day on the days that are not 85+ for the summer runs. I am finding that I like to push myself more and more all the time. Now I know what I need to work on - speedwork and hills! Tom did well and came in under 30 minutes (he thinks). After maybe 3/4 of mile I told him to go and run his own race - I'm glad that he did. Then I could focus on doing my own race. I know that I will never do a super great run, but working at it and trying to improve over the last run is what I am interested in. Also, I know that we'll pass after he makes the turn around and I'm going to the 1/2 way mark. I also like having someone cheering me on at the finish...that's cool!

The next Du/Tri is less than a month away and I'm hoping to get my team together for a fun morning.

I'm psyched!