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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Slow & Steady...

This week and the last couple of weeks have not been all that great. There have been a few stressful things that have taken my attention away from running and the running that I did do just didn't feel good. Today was different though, I finally made peace with the fact that I have been so waaay off my training plan, that I just need to restart from a point that I feel comfortable with and then just move forward from there. So, with that decision made and out in the open, today's run was probably the best run I've had in a long time. The BEST! We ran what I call the Fred Meyer loop, from our house - going down 139th/134th Street and cutting thru at the library and then thru a couple of neighborhoods to get back on 149th Street. It took a lot for me to keep going, I had the urge to stop and walk (there's no shame in walking), but I knew that I could run so I kept running. It's always a good feeling to finish a run knowing that I did the best that I could do and I finished strong. So yeah, today's run was the BEST...INDEED!

Tom and I are planning to run the 8K Shamrock run on March 14, so I'm pretty confident that we'll make that distance, not quite 5 miles, so that's a good thing. Still need to build up endurance though for the Spring Classic Duathlon. It's time to start paying attention to some strength training or at the very least going back to doing the one hundred push-ups challenge that I started late last summer. That's doable because I can do that in the comfort of my own home instead of touching equipment that has been touched my numerous other germ infested people LOL! Also, even after a couple of weeks of doing push-ups I could tell the difference during my runs and while riding...amazing! The experts know what they are talking about when they say that core strengthening is important. Interesting...

Will be trying to throw in a spin class here and there also. My lunch rides have not been happening due to the crummy weather and I'm not in the mood to put the fenders on my bike just yet. If I can get away with not slapping them on then all will be good. This upcoming week is looking promising so I might have to schlep my bike to the station tomorrow sometime - YAY!

I'm pretty excited though, running has come much easier this year than last year so things can only get better if I stay consistent. My goal at this point is to finish this training plan and then go and get a plan for maintenance purposes so that I don't end up losing all my running condition even during cycling season - dreaming big again!

So, overall, even with the loss of motivation since Christmas I've decided that slow and steady is the way to go. I'm feeling much better about my running plan for the moment.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daily Doubles

Yes...this officially marks my cross-over into insanity! WHY would anyone do daily doubles? I'm not sure, but I thought I would try it out and see how things progress.

On Monday I did my run on the treadmill at work and then after work did some weight training at the gym while waiting for a treadmill to become available - when will the January crowd finally die down? Anyway, after about 30 minutes one of the mills opened up and I got myself upstairs VERY quickly and got myself a second run in for the day. Now, I was feeling pretty good and would have like to have done more than a mile, but there were people waiting and there is a rule limiting time when the treadmills are in demand, so I did a  mile, cleaned my cooties from the machine and let the next person take a turn.

Today, Tom and I went to the gym early and I ran again while he went to Beth's cycle class (she's awesome, by the way!). I had intended to run 3 miles, but my brain was still in bed when I was programming my time and I went way short...OOOPS! Still, got 2.25 miles with a decent pace so all is good. I always look forward to my long runs on Saturdays though, we always run out on the road or on a trail. It's quite refreshing!

Since the weather people said that today would be a decent day, I loaded up my bike and all my gear into the car last night to do my lunch ride. With most days being wet since the first of the year, I have no interest in riding in the rain - so I might be running twice a day for a while. Not exactly what I'm hoping for, but the good weather will be back again in no time at all.

I'm not sure how long these daily doubles will last, but so far so good. I figure it's not that different that when I'm riding to and from work anyway, so I may as well get ready for that...bike commuting opportunities will be here before I know it!

This year is going to be filled with so many fun events, I can hardly wait to do the first one! Shamrock Run baby!

January Cycling Chart - still have a ways to go to catch up to last years total, but looking good over 2008!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back at it...

Man - I've been trying to sit down and update this blog for a couple of days now. What is going on?! Life got a little crazy again...OR...it could be that we have discovered another TV show on DVD that is pretty fun...


Finally back on track with running and getting back on the treadmill at the gym. Tonight there was a boatload of people and I was lucky to get on a mill where I can see people coming and going and working out with the weight machines etc. Lots of newbies...we'll see how long they last ;)

Today was a good run though, 3 miles at a moderate pace. It really is no fun trying to get back into running while still getting over a head cold. At least all I've got going on right now is a drippy nose. I decided during my run on Monday that I would do 2 miles then, 3 miles today and then back to 4 on Saturday. Might be able to step it up a bit more next week and I'll be back at 7 miles in no time and back on track with my training plan. Now that I'm feeling better I am realizing that I really missed running. Amazing! Yeah, so no more sickies around me!
This week I started my new work schedule of 0800-1700. I'll take hour lunch breaks so I can do quick training rides of 5-7 miles and maybe more if my condition improves quickly. This has been a bad weather week...lots of rain - BOOOO! I am storing my bike at the station during the week and to be considerate of the newly shampoo'd carpet, I don't think that I like the idea of traipsing my grimy bike thru the hallways to get to my secret storage room. Looks like tomorrow will be a good day, so I'm good to go! I may as well load up my bike to bring it home tomorrow also. If the weather forecast stays (ha) then Sunday might be another good day to get out and ride again.

The next Duathlon is just over 80 days away and I need to keep on track with my running...I know I can do better with both of the runs. With Robin riding the bike leg I just need to keep my legs warm and loose so that the second run doesn't kill me!

This year is going to ROCK! There are so many events that I want to do and I can hardly wait to do each one. The first event will be the Shamrock Run (8K)...WOO HOO!

Run Baby Run!!!