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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yesterday I had the idea that we would get up early and go to the gym for a swim workout, my main workout for the today. We got to bed a little later than I would have liked (darn Dancing With the Stars) and I got out of bed too early - Mr Decaf would have woken me up eventually had I not gone downstairs. With all that I would have had to pack for an early morning workout and to go directly to work, I thought it would be best to stay home and do a Yoga DVD or whatever Tom picked (pilates).

My optional workout for today is a run - off to the workout room here and onto the treadmill! 30 minutes of running in Zone 1 and gradually working up to Zone 2. I'll be swimming after work again this week and it will be brief as the Aqua Fit class starts at 6:00...and all the bobbers will be piling into the pool around 5:30...YIKES!

11 weeks of training to go...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week 1

So, I started my tri training this week...so far, so good...my week so far -

Monday - Rest or Optional Strength #1 (Strength Training= OUCH)
Tuesday - Swim #1 or Optional Run #9 (Yoga, Run AND Swim)
Wednesday - Bike #1 (Spin Class)
Thursday - Run #8 or Optional Strength (Yoga and Run #8)
Friday - Swim #1 or Optional Bike #1 (Swim)
Saturday - Bike #2

Tomorrow is the Fort Vancouver Run so that will be my workout for the morning. Tom and I will head to the gym for a swim and call it good for the week.

Week one almost done...11 more to go!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My registration for the Fort Vancouver Run has been received...I'll be running a 6k this coming Sunday!

females: 45 to 49 years of age
1. Tami Briggs Portland, OR 1076 46 F S
2. Karla Ferderer Vancouver, WA 1177 48 F
3. Kathy Fockler Vancouver, WA 1170 48 F L
4. Suzanne Frary Vancouver, WA 1058 48 F L
5. Roxanne Kennedy Sherwood, OR 1025 46 F L
6. Nancy Olschewsky Vancouver, WA 1233 45 F L
7. Natalie Osburn Portland, OR 1229 46 F M
8. Kris Osmus Vancouver, WA 1215 45 F
9. Cindy Shrum Vancouver, WA 1196 48 F
10. Tracy Smith Vancouver, WA 1242 45 F
11. Tammy Tumbaga Vancouver, WA 1110 48 F M
12. Jeanette Van Beek Camas, WA 1044 46 F M

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tri Training Officially Begins...


So my first week of training started today, but I my training schedule for today was a rest day...hahahaha.... I spent the whole last week doing almost nothing, except a couple of runs and a really good swim yesterday....so I did the optional strength training instead this morning at the gym.

I absolutely do not like to touch anything that anyone else has touched, so I was having some issues this morning. It is something I have to get over if I'm going to do this tri with any kind of integrity. 3 sets of 20 for each machine that I went to except for the crunches. Let's just face it, 3X 20 crunches per side is just a bit much, add a twist and that just craziness! So I did just 3X 10 each side...I can't add that high, so you do the math!

Today I worked my legs, shoulders, back and abs. So far so good. We'll see how I feel coming morning time. Tomorrow is a swim and/or run day. Tom will want to do Yoga so I might be coming home late from work after a swim at LA Fitness. Wednesday is a light day - just a bike day. Easy bike, so spin class it is :) I'm looking forward to Wednesday!

12 weeks of training 13 until Blue Lake!

Monday, March 14, 2011

2011 Shamrock Run

Is done and over...!

It was a cool wet day - but not so much rain that it would drive away too many people. With Daylight Saving Time occuring this weekend, I wondered how many of my people would actually have showed up. I know that one didn't make it and she lives in Portland! Crazy.

We met up with Jim & Suzy and one of the volunteers from work and we all went downtown together. Mike signed up to run the 15k, so he was the odd one out and had to sit around for at least another 30 minutes before his race began. No matter...so we parted ways and Tom and I got in the crowd to get started. There were many surges before we actually made it to the start and our particular pace group could start. The start time was 8:05, but we finally crossed over the timing mat around 8:17 or so and we were off!

The first part consisted of making our way down past Burnside to circle around and run up onto the bridge and run to the other side and back. I was a little concerned about the bridge. I kept on trucking along and made it okay. The next thing was running up Broadway. Last year was okay because running on Broadway was really the first part of the run - with the change in the finish line location, the route was adjusted to make up the distance. I think I just really gave it my all on the bridge and just could seem to keep it up on Broadway. Lots of walking this year, but I was happy once we got to the turn around and it was all down hill from there.

Overall I'm pretty happy with my time. I didn't get out and train that much this year. Even with all my Tuesday and Thursday runs I just couldn't get out and get a decent run on very many Saturdays. So my time just reflects my lack of training.

At least I can say that I got out there in the rain and did it! I really did enjoy running with Tom. It helped to have him there with me encouraging me at just the right time!

Next up, the Fort Vancouver Run!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ready to Rock and Roll!

Today all of our team run materials arrived via UPS - so very excited! I spent my break getting stuff put together and now I just need to make a couple of deliveries...a couple of phone calls and we are set!

The forecast for Sunday is looking very bleak or not so bleak, depending on the forecast that you might be looking at. The one I like the most would be from weather.com:  Light Rain. I could do light rain, that would be A-OK with me ;) All of the other places I check were either rain or rain AND wind.

Oh well. We'll be running with 30,000+ other people so really, no whining is allowed.

The crazy thing that happened is that my particular T-shirt size (L) ran out...are you kidding me?! Now I have to make my way over to the T-shirt table to get my shirt :( That's all the whining I'm going to do for now. The good thing that happened was that they included the Stanford's gift card.

That partially makes up for the frustration of getting this team put together and waiting for our stuff to arrive...

Good Times!

Run, Run, Run!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Less than...

...6 days and we'll be heading downtown PDX for the Shamrock Run! We ran just shy of 4.5 miles on Saturday, I'm pretty sure that I can slog out another half mile or so. Just hoping for good weather...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's half of 26.2?

This week I've had half marathons on the brain. Craziness!

Here's what happened - Tom and I went to a RaceCenter Expo at Foot Traffic over in Portland. As we were walking around looking at the various upcoming events Tom asked me if I would consider running a half marathon, my response was something like  "I think I'll stick to 8k's." So really, I pretty much dismissed the idea on the spot.

Later on in the day I asked him if he really wanted to do a half marathon and he said it would be a good challenge. Hmmm...challenge. That word is dangerous. Anymore when I think of things I would like to do it's just because I need a challenge of some sort. Something to keep me motivated to keep moving and improving.  Well, moving at least. Improving is relative. I figure if I don't die in the process of whatever I'm working toward that's good enough.

So, I've been kicking around the idea of doing a half marathon - as soon as this Fall. It would be possible to start training right after the All Womens Event at the end of July. The only thing is that I would have to find a suitable half for a not so great runner (that would be me). We'll see, anything is possible. I'm totally skipping the 10k distance, but I figure I have done 2 duathlons which was basically staying in motion for 2+ hours, and the run distance is a 5k on either side of the bike leg, a 10k! I'm thinking a half marathon would be doable.

As I continue to prepare for the Shamrock and then move to training for my first Tri I think I'll start looking around and seeing what will be available as far as marathons during the fall. There is so much to consider and plan for...but first -

I shall conquer the Sprint Tri course at Blue Lake! Woo Hoo!!!