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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Little Snow

So there was snow on the ground early this AM so Tom and I decided to stay put. Who knows what kind of not so great drivers are out before 5:30 in the morning? Besides it was cold and I was nice and comfy under my blanket :)

Looks like tomorrow we'll be back at the gym. For some reason I'm not letting these set backs get to me. Well, not too much. It's so early in the year and to try to get all dialed into a training plan is going to take some time. Although, I don't think I should dilly-dally Blue Lake will be here before I know it! ANYWAY, it would be best to get back on track after having my tweaked back last week and today's snow. All things considered, I did get a decent run in on the treadmill (first time since tweaking my back) and did a little time on the elliptical, which by the way is an acquired taste that I'm still trying to acquire.

Soon we'll sign up for the Shamrock and I will HAVE to get going on my running! 32,000 people...COOL BEANS!

I LOVE IT!!! Swim, Ride...RUN!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pain in the....

I tweaked my back this past Sunday...it's been a long time. So no tri training this week :(

So annoyed, I was just getting started with my training and then this...bah!

Hoping to get back onto the treadmill soon and back into the pool too...I think the pool would be gentler on my body than being on the treadmill, but I've got the Shamrock coming up. I think I'll run the 5K this year.

Back pain really is a PAIN!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Very Long Time...

This morning I was on one of these for 35 minutes....

Which feels like twice than the time I was actually on it.


I was on one of these for 20 minutes....

35 minutes and 20 minutes on another stationary machine...that's like an eternity!

So, I'm really back into this tri training! I was kinda sweatin' it when I was getting close to being done on the bike...the availability of a treadmill was changing with every moment. Seriously, at least yesterday there were a couple of treadmills available here and there, but today - NOTHING. Someone would finish, but then someone else would hop on...over and over before I finished. Fortunately ONE treadmill opened up and when I finished my "ride" I quickly wiped down the bike and made my way over to the treadmill, threw my stuff down and hopped on for a 20 minute steady run. It didn't feel good, but I did it! 

I think I may be changing up my training again next week. Tomorrow is a swim session and possibly weights.

155 days.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back in the Pool

If only I could look this cool!
I had every intention of doing a run workout and then into the pool for a swim. However, upon our arrival at LA Fitness I saw that most of the treadmills were occupied and quickly made a change of plan to just swim and then lift some weights - I'm pretty smart that way!
I have not been in the pool since late October (I think). I was focusing more on running, but as I mentioned in my last post...the half marathon is currently off the schedule, for now at least. Today's swim was actually not that bad. I didn't know how I would feel after pretty much two months of just running. Breathing was all good, but then my training for the day was to swim a length of the pool and then rest for 10 seconds...for 10 minutes. Not a bad plan so far! I think I'll be doing a timed swim later this week....YIKES! I don't know that that will go well. I get winded after one lap...two tops...it's all good though. I have a few months to train so it's all good.

Tomorrow I'll have to make my way to a treadmill AFTER I do a bike session on one of the stationary bikes - a brick workout yeah...that's the ticket. If I have to give some walker the stink-eye for just walking on the treadmill I'll do it! Hee Hee...

156 days until Blue Lake!

Monday, January 2, 2012


We find time to do the things that are important to us. Period. ~Scott Douglas, Scott's Original Miscellany, Running Times.

Up until the new year I thought I really wanted to do a half marathon. Then Tom went and strained his calf muscle and I kind of lost interest in the whole training for a half. It really was Tom's goal AND the half that I had picked out is far to close to the Blue Lake event in June. So - naturally I'm choosing to train to do a sprint tri instead of doing the novice distance again.

I haven't been terribly motivated to go and run or anything else at the gym. Now that I'm in the VERY early stages of training I'm very excited to get back into the pool and all that. We even went out and did a road ride yesterday after church and I rode to the gym to meet Tom today.

Yeah...this triathlon thing is important to me ;)