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Friday, March 30, 2012

Vroom-Vroom Season

TT Bars on my Fuji - they actually are now on my Trek!

Time Trial season is JUST around the corner! It has been a slow to start cycling year so far, but we plan to do the first time trial IF it is dry. It will be good to have something to look forward to since our financial situation is pretty much a road block for anything that we might be interested as a couple. Event registration fees are expensive! The good thing about the time trials is that it's FREE for VBC members...SCORE! $2 per person is still $2 and we get to pocket that for coffee or whatever!

Hoping that the rainy weather will move through and give us sunny blue skies on April 19!


Monday, March 26, 2012

New Goals

A triathlon in June may not be in the cards this year...I'm making my peace with that, but I am continuing with my quest to improve my swimming! As I was at the gym and getting ready to leave to go home an acquaintance from my former hair salon came in and was getting ready to swim. We chatted a bit and she mentioned something about the Roy Webster Cross-Channel swim that happens during the Labor Day weekend every year.

Being slightly foolish, I decided to take a look at this particular event. It starts at the marina in Hood River, but participants are "ferried" over to the Washington side via the Sternwheeler. Once on the other side swimmers jump into the river and swim back to Hood River.

That's like a mile across...I think...OMG...CRAZY?!

Maybe, but like I have mentioned before, I like a challenge and if a triathlon isn't my future, maybe just a mile long swim...across a river...the Mighty Columbia...

I was informed that this is a low stress swim and relaxed event. Well, my acquaintance doesn't realize that I'm not THAT great of a swimmer and that anything that spans more than a quarter mile just might be a stressful thing for a novice swimmer such as myself ;) BUT - now that I have that fancy-dancy wetsuit, maybe I should consider this swim. There wouldn't be any buoys to go around (thankfully) and it is a straight shot across the river.

Hmmm...well, I do have a few months to get into shape for this swim. Maybe I should find someone who wants to swim it with me...

Here's to crazy sounding events!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shamrock Run 2012

Some of the 32,000+ people that ran or walked today!
Today's run was nearly perfect...it kind of spit rain earlier when we arrived, but mostly it was just cold. The 5k start time was 9:20, but I think I actually got going around 9:40 or so. The best part of the day is that I actually ran the whole route, with the exception of stopping for water and actually ran up Broadway...which I don't normally like to do, because I don't like hills...my final time was 41:16 which to me is a pretty good time for not really training that much. I didn't run at all this week and I had spent a lot of time in the pool. This gives me some hope that going into the running and multisport season I might actually do better than I thought I might. Getting back into the pool this week, but tomorrow I think I'll go to a mat pilates class at the gym just to try it out. 

Goofing off at home
My buddy Kim - what an amazing organizer of BIG events!
Me & my sweetie getting ready to head home