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Monday, September 17, 2012

Catching Up

Back from vacation and back at it! Tom and I spent a few days in Bend/Sunriver last week and I was pretty smart and did my Monday run before we left town and then tried to do my run on Wednesday (4 miles), but could only really do 2 miles because of the cold, dry air and elevation. Asthma girl was not happy with the lack of oxygen :( I knew that there would be an elevation change, but since I only run here at home, I didn't know what to expect.

All was good and Saturday got out and did my long run (5 miles) and Tom ran with me until he turned around at 1.5 miles while I continued on my route. I'm so proud of his progress! He actually ran the whole way and felt pretty good. He was so excited that he wanted to get a new battery for the hand-me-down watch that I gave him over a year ago so he could track his times and figure out his pace. He'll be ready for Run Like Hell - no problem!

Yeah, so I'm lovin' my run charts...it shows consistency and I'm a visual person, so every time I see my chart it just makes me want to get out and keep up with my running!

Looking forward to the start of Fall - probably my most favorite time to run. I love running when the air is cool and crisp - it's very refreshing. As much as I like running during the summer months, the heat can mess with the morning temperatures - I enjoy starting my runs with the temps in the 50s. Those are the days that I feel my best!

Two events are on my agenda for the next couple of months and then I think I'll go into "maintenance" mode until the beginning of the year. THEN I'll see if a 1/2 marathon will be a possibility for 2013.

Run - Baby - Run!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Running Skirts

For the past couple of year I thought that it would be nice to add a running skirt to my athletic wear. These little guys are seriously expensive! So I have held off...until I did the Every Girls run on August 19...

Every Girls Run Event
I saw the display of these cute little things and was holding one when the owner came up and pretty much grabbed the skirt out of my hand and whipped that thing around me! OMG - SO COOL! That was it...I was sold. I wanted one! She then went on to tell me that the skirts are $69. Hmmm...that's a bit much. So I held off. 

Until yesterday - we went to Sweet Spot Skirts located in downtown Vancouver at 6th and Main - near Smith Tower. With so many to choose from I had a hard time deciding which one I wanted. I decided that this one would be my best bet...and all the skirts are reversible, so really, it's like getting two skirts in one! 

My run this morning seemed more fun this morning, plus since I was covering up my caboose, I didn't feel so self conscious about wearing my lycra pants. Take a look!
Got my own skirt now!
As I run I end up thinking about a lot of different things - I don't run with an iPod or anything, I just don't feel like that is a safe thing to do. So, I think...sometimes I pray...sometimes I think about songs that we have sung at church. A lot of times I have to repeat short phrases when I'm feeling a little not so great just to get done with the run. This morning I thought about how easy my runs over the past couple of weeks were feeling and that the distances over 3 miles don't feel as daunting as they once did. My goal is to keep up with my running so I'm not "starting over" again in the spring. We'll see how that works out during the rainy months.

I'm a Runner!

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