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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Moving Comfort

Okay...this one is for my female runner friends...

I have been in desperate need of new sports bras for a while and I finally decided to add to my old ratty collection of sports bras, some of which are still just okay for running. However, they are slowly becoming not okay. I also have a few that are good for just cycling - so those aren't a problem.

Since I hadn't invested in a good sports bra for running in quite some time I had to do a little research. Nothing is more uncomfortable than a not so supportive bra (and nothing kills me more than seeing another woman on the road that is not properly supported)! I decided to visit my favorite sports apparel website, Team Estrogen, to check out at all that they had available. There were some reviews to read which was also quite helpful. Team Estrogen is so great because they have TONS of options to look at and a lot of different prices and all that. The other thing that I relied on was my visits to various running/sports related shops and started to see a trend in what sort of items were available in the stores. Moving Comfort was at each of the running stores that we have visited in the last year...so after checking out the 19 different styles on Team Estrogen I decided on the Rebound Racer. It was a little on the higher end of the price sacle, but not the most expensive. So I added two to my "shopping cart" and promptly checked out before changing my mind. I love ordering from Team Estrogen because they are located in Hillsboro and ship the same day as the order is placed so I got my package the next day.


When I arrive home from work and opened my package I went and tried one on right away and started doing laps around the house...OH MY GOODNESS...nothing has felt so good! In fact it's almost like I'm not wearing a sports bra...it's THAT comfortable! There is very little movement

This bra has adjustable straps in the front and hook and loop closure in the back. I was a little skeptical about the straps, but they don't budge! It doesn't dig and there is no shifting as well as easy on and off. I LOVE Moving Comfort!

So, if you are in need of a really good supportive sports bra check out Moving Comfort on Team Estrogen... HERE.

Name Change...again

Post Time Trial in 2009. Nice shoes huh...
It has been a year since I have been in the pool...so it seemed pointless to keep the name of this blog at Swim-Ride-Run...so we are back to Run-Ride-Run.

The main reason for that is because I may be just crazy enough to train for another Duathlon - it HAS been a couple of years. My absolute favorite event venue would be Blue Lake in Fairview and I think I'm ready to get my multisport game on again!

Looking forward to revisiting this challenge!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bumpity, Bump

I really shouldn't expect so much at the beginning on the year. Week One of my Shamrock training went well, but then things went down hill the last couple of weeks. I started to feel a little sickly and then last week, a lack of interest in the Treadmill. I don't know why, but hey...I just didn't want to get on that thing...hee hee.

This past Saturday things changed and I was good and ready to go - 4.5 miles baby! There were the obligatory walk breaks, but only 3...yay for me!

Now, wishy-washy on a day off from work is pretty much guaranteed...

Yesterday was 3 miles. I generally like to run early in the morning, but I had an appointment to be at and I happened to sleep in until 7:30 - GASP! This girl does not sleep in that often! Then after my appointment we had to be at the church at 11:30, so no time to fit in a run between 9:30 and 11:30. I suppose w could have, but it would have been rushed. As the day kept going on, I started to feel like I didn't want to run. So at one point I declared to Tom that I didn't want to run, and that I could run on Tuesday (today) instead. We went and sat at the church from 11:30 to 1:00 and during that time I started to get a little stir crazy, so then I started to think that we should just go ahead and run anyway...at some point. After leaving the church we had to go to Starbucks and then while I was sitting there I decided that we definitely needed to go out. Too much sitting around!

I have to say that I'm not sure that going for the run was a good thing after all. I felt okay, not great...but we got it done and I guess that was the goal in the end.

Just. Get. It. Done.

When I have the "get it done" attitude, those runs end up not being fun at all. Although, it could have been the route too. I mapped out a route that would take us up 149th Street which is a slight uphill grind going to the east. The good thing is that it is/was an out and back course, so the going back part was nice as we were going down...in a slight fashion...hee hee. Still, I wasn't feeling so great afterward. At least we got out.

So this week I'm looking to get back on track with my training. Yesterday was 3 tomorrow is 3 and then Saturday is 4. I better check the weather for the morning...if there is a chance of rain, I may be running on the treadmill AND after work to get the distance done.

In all reality, I'm not really all that concerned about the Shamrock. This one is definitely for the fun of it. Being one of 35,000...a mediocre runner in the back of the pack. My PR goals are for later in the year, after I have had sufficiently trained myself back into some kind of decent running condition :)

Three and a half weeks baby!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Shamrock Training - Week 1

Last week I handed over my team registrations and we are at 21 members (I think). Woo Hoo!

Last Saturday I started a new training plan (7 weeks) and now I have skipped my 3rd training run. On Wednesday while I was sitting at work I wasn't feeling so great, so I decided that a run after work wouldn't be the best idea. Knowing who I am and that Pace Bunny is going to let me know what kind of slacker I am (hee, hee), I'll probably make up the run somehow in the next week or so. It was only a 3 miler so it's pretty much a piece of cake! I do plan to get out tomorrow morning, possibly without my sicky husband. I am contemplating repeating last weeks 4 mile run, but I'm not so sure that I want to do a monster hill. I'll probably just do the easy 4 mile route that takes me down to the library and back home. Easy-peasy.

The other thing about this new plan is that my first training run was 4 miles. As you can plainly see from my chart below, there were few runs that were over 2 miles....OYE. It was a bit of a shock, but I'll manage alright over the next few weeks.

My annual clothing allowance was included in my last paycheck, so I will be heading out to FitRight NW for a new pair of shoes soon. I have already ordered and received new sports bras. Moving Comfort is the BEST! I haven't worn one on a run yet, but I did try one on when I got home from work the other day and did some "laps" around the house. I'm happy :) I really should be using this money for clothes that I'll wear to work, but regular clothes shopping is not fun...I like looking at all the athletic stuff from socks to tops. Also, I have been known to run on the treadmill here at work, so my new purchases can be considered workwear!

36 Days Baby! Shamrock Run here we come!!!