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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just Itchin'

I've been dealing with a little backpain for a few days. My last run was last week on Thursday and I've been sidelined since then.

Now that my back is nearly back to normal I can feel the urge to lace up my shoes and get out there again! Which is good since I have a training plan for my first Half Marathon that starts on Monday!!!

If I don't end up on my bike tomorrow morning I'll be doing a quick run just to check out how my back feels. Possibly a trip to the track for a nice and easy...sloooow run.

Never thought that I would miss running this much. I hardly miss my bike, but at the same time I do. Still hoping to get out and do a time trial this season...we'll see.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Half Crazy

I did it.
I am officially registered for my first Half Marathon.
I'm a little scared, but excited.
Training starts on July 29!
We'll see how things go...

Monday, July 8, 2013

2+ Minutes

Kid's Dash before the race began!
This year's Independence Day run in Ridgefield was so FUN!

It's amazing what a little training can do - the hills haven't changed, but my attitude toward them did. I didn't train much on the hills, but I did do more than I ever have since we started doing this particular race. So, that is a good thing - straight away!

There really isn't a lot to elaborate on besides the fact that I felt better and really enjoyed my time on the road. I was hoping to run faster than my time from the first year we did this. But who am I trying to kid - I'm older and more tired now...Bahaha...but I did manage to cut more than 2 minutes off my 2012 time! So I'm totally stoked about that!

Oh, it seems that there was a change in the registration/line-up of the parade entries this year. Just getting started there were already parade entries lining up at one end of Main Street just before heading down the hill and out of town. Not a big deal right? Well, on the way back...there was minor chaos at the same spot with the 40 et 8 Loci passing and then stopping behind some other entries and some yahoo guy driving a red pick-up and getting very much in the way of the runners, but not so much that we couldn't pass by him. Not sure why there was a change, but at least they were not in town yet...so running down the middle of main street was fair game!

The one that that does mess me up year after year is the 4th of July banner that is strung across main street. You would think that once you see that banner that the finish would be right there...NOPE...that's at least another block away. The thing about this course is that you can see the banner and where the finish is from a 1/2 a mile away. And when you are hot and tired and just want to STOP, it's a little disconcerting to see the finish! It takes a while to get to the blocks where the businesses start too. The finish straight away has got to be the LONGEST of any of the runs that I have done - except for one of the Shamrock runs - but at least that finish was going down hill and there were people lining the route that made it a little more intersting.

Like with most of my runs, it feels so good to stop running, but keep moving. I had such a blast this time though...so much fun! I miss running with Tom and I'm hoping that he'll be cleared to run sooner than later. We'll find out at the end of the month. However, if he is cleared to run, we'll have to find someone else who is willing to rise at 5am and be our rolling support while we are running!

Next up - Every Girl's 5k on August 18!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Good To Go!

(photo credit runridgefield.com)
I was thinking about how this year I'm pretty much prepared for tomorrow...which is very unlike me for this particular event. The route for the Independence Day Run in Ridgefield is always the same - ALWAYS. There really isn't a way to change that, it's out and back - heading north out of town and then back to town. Even with the hills, it's a fairly quick run if you think running under 40 minutes is quick ;)

2009 was the first year that we ran this I was waaay unprepared for the hills. I should have known better that there would be hills, rural Clark County is like that. So, as surprising as that was I still managed to run the route in 38:19. For some crazy reason I did not record my time for the 2010 race. The following two years were 40:50 and 40:55. 

I'm shooting for at least 38:19. Which would be awesome because that time was from 4 years ago and I wasn't terribly fast. However,  in the last few months, I have been actually running pretty well. So I'm excited about that. In the big picture I do not want to post a time more than 40 minutes. That is my ultimate goal!