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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pace Bunny - revisited

This represents 33.3 miles of running - big gaps were from the days I was allergy laden.
A couple of years ago, to add a little interest in my training I decided to put a goal widget on runningahead.com. That way I can obsess over one more thing that is related to training and running. Because we all like that...hahaha...

So between now and June 21 my goal is to run 149 miles which is broken down over 8 weeks of training, 4 days a week. We are slightly behind pace bunny, but I am on track according to the training plan. 8 more miles and week one is done.

I really don't need anything else to get me all worked up - I mean really. I've got my watch, fancy sport watch even and that's enough to drive me nuts! Then there's the nike+ website where I can review my past runs over and over and over. Then running ahead where I like to log my miles for my shoes.

So yeah, pace bunny, why not. I don't have enough to think about as it is already :)

51 days and counting! Vancouver USA Marathon weekend is a comin'...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WHAT?! I've achieved Rock Star Status!

That's right!!! Went out and ran 4 miles without stopping...

YUP - NO walking breaks...didn't even really slow down either.

AND we also achieved negative splits!

25:45- 0:13 (1%)12'46"/MI
38:03- 0:28 (3%)12'18"/MI
50:08- 0:13 (1%)12'05"/MI
This is my chart from Nike Plus and it shows how I gradually ran a little faster each mile. This particular run was extremely good! I think I was in the zone...and felt pretty much ZERO discomfort. Well, when we started out I was maybe a little uncomfortable, but check out that second mile...and so on...ha! I might even venture to say that I felt happy...shhh...don't tell my body. It might rebel the next time we go out...haha

Oh yeah...I'm feeling like a runner!!!

To what do I owe this increased improvement? Well, we started doing 30 Day Fitness Challenges. The first one was the Plank challenge, which ended for me once we got to a couple of minutes. Yeah...I'm not that strong and my back wasn't having it either. So ended that a couple of weeks ago. I decided I still needed to try something else. After looking at some of the other challenges, I settled on the Little Black Dress challenge. Not for the Little Black Dress aspect, but because there were a variety of required elements for each day. So far we have stuck with 3 - three day sessions and will have a rest day tomorrow and jump right back into it on Friday. What to try out something new? Check out 30 Day Fitness Challenegs for the other challenges to try out.

If things continue to move in a positive direction I think that the Runner's World Half Marathon is going to be EPIC!

I am SO psyched!