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Thursday, November 26, 2015

RWRunStreak - Day 2

It's Day 2 for us, but most like day one for others. I  was just thinking that this is a really good time to start this - I  am off work until Monday and the long weekend will help my mind get in sync with the routine.

This morning I have already experienced a cramp in my calf which is now sore. No doubt a way for my body to get my brain to not run.

My brain will win!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2015 #RWRunStreak

Okay, so we started a day early. That is only because I didn't wake up very well yesterday and didn't get out to run. Soooo....the streak started this morning.

We just did and easy two miles, BUT easy is never the reality. This was the first run of the week and I have this habit of going almost all out the first run of the week. Today was an all out day because I felt REALLY good!

I guess the easy part was the distance - just two. The not so easy part - running the negative split. This is something that I have only tried while running my two mile route. Once I feel better about stuff I will go for it with my longer runs. Anyway, I was a little motivated once I saw what my time was after my first mile. After the turn around I decided that I would go for it and boy howdy it was AWESOME!!!

Not too bad...
So, for day one of a 38 day running streak I have already managed to go out not so easy. Tomorrow will be easy for sure - maybe.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2015 Holiday Running Streak

I have been aware of this running streak for a little while and it looks like we attempted a streak starting in mid January 2014. I think I may have been sick which delayed the start, but I am not sure why we did NOT do this during the suggested holiday period. It was a suggested time period mind you.

So in looking back on my log that I keep on the Running Ahead website this is what that particular streak look liked:

January 13-31
February 1-7 then 4 days of snow
February 12-28
March 1-2 the streak ended because we did a race and it was painful...hehehe.

So, not bad really.

Now that we have had a chance to experience the Runner's World Half and I have been totally jazzed about that - it's fading a little, but still in the background - I'm ready to attempt this challenge this year.

We did our last run on Saturday morning and it was so GOOD! I'm happy, happy. I decided that since we are going to do this we should switch up the days so that we end up actually starting on the right day, Thanksgiving morning.

So far since the RW Half I have been feeling really good when we get out. The exception would be the one day that it was windy. I'm not a fan of wind. Ironically, the one bad day that we have and I decide that we should do a mini running streak and ran 6 days in a row; Tom did 7. Another excellent week of running!!!

Since things are going so good, my attitude will be focus on the day we run and not the following days. Don't need to worry about what hasn't happened yet!

This makes it look like I haven't been running - I have I promise!
Here's to staying healthy and not getting sick or injured. Running tomorrow and then day off until THURSDAY!!!

Go HERE to find out more of this thing called a running streak.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

This, That and the other Thing

It's been more than a couple of weeks since I last posted here and actually did have a couple of posts started. Life has been happening and I've not been sitting down in front of the computer at home unless I'm plugging in my sport watch to upload my latest run.


In looking back at the posts that I have started I can see why I haven't posted - I have not been terribly inspired. So here is a sampling of some of the things that I have been thinking about and/or doing since Runner's World -

During my last run that happened on a weekend it was crazy windy and I was unhappy! Because I was so unhappy with that run I decided that we needed to do a running streak and run 7 days in a row. Game on! We ran two and three miles on alternating days, nothing that would be over-taxing. Things went REALLY well until we got to Saturday and it was another crazy windy day. Maybe even more windy than the previous weekend run. So I decided that I was out. Since I'm in the business of not beating myself up anymore I decided that I would just run on Sunday morning instead, but the migraine happened instead.

Running Streak is at 6 days now. We'll be tackling a much longer streak starting on Thanksgiving and going all the way to New Year's day. This is something that we have kind of tried to do in years past, but something (usually me) sidelines us. I am determined though, so we'll see what happens.

Another thing that we (Tom) has been trying is KT Tape

When I was having some  issues with my knee (not related to running, but flared up because I was running) I thought that maybe trying out the tape during the day would be helpful. Of course after I placed the order, my knee decided to get better, but Tom still has issues with his back so he has been trying it out. The jury is still out. Not sure that I am actually applying it correctly each time, but at least we are trying and his back doesn't seem to be getting worse. Go HERE to check ou the KT Tape website. Also, a FYI if you want to try this out I ended up purchasing from Amazon which was $6 less than the suggested retail price at Target. A better deal since we are still not convinced.

Race photos - yeah...don't we just love those?! I don't get how the people who take the "official" race photos manage to stay in business as most of the photos that I have seen of myself while participating in an event are usually terrible! Sure there is the random good pic that is worthy of sharing, but more often than not...they are terrible!

I would include a couple of photos here to show how bad bad is, but I tend not want to save the bad ones...so here are a not so bad ones...

2015 Shamrock
2015 Shamrock
2015 Runner's World Half & Festival
Can't believe that these are from a professional photography group...but hey, I look alright...hahaha...

Yep, these were some of the things that I had waiting to be finished and posted all rolled into one post.

Get out and move!