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Monday, February 22, 2016

Why Did Running Get So Difficult?

Running has been iffy at best since the running streak ended. I thought for sure that I would be more motivated once we got signed up for a running event or two (actually 4 for me).

I think that I'm just getting tired of running while it is so dark. We run before I go to work, so that means I get up early and try to get in run mode, but it hasn't been working out very well and I have not been able to stick to the running plan. Some daylight will certainly help as I am like a lot of people and am very much light activated.

Right now the other thing that will mess with me is the fact that I am not able to get my run stats downloaded from my watch. We are currently without a computer so no connectivity for now. We'll see if my watch fires up tomorrow morning. If not I'll have to work at not feeling defeated. I already feel bad enough about my physical ailments in general. I don't need my feel like I NEED my watch - even though I do. Maybe I don't...well, yes - I do! Also, I will need to work at positive self-talk - a constant battle in my head. I'm not a loser...I'm not a loser. Losers sleep in and sit on the couch and eat bowls of ice cream while watching YouTube videos...oh hey...that sounds like us on a rest day! Except the ice cream - that doesn't happen very often.

Here is the line up of races that we are registered for already:

March 6 - Fort Vancouver Run 12k, Vancouver, WA 
March 26 - Hop Hop Half Marathon, Portland, OR
June 19 - Vancouver USA Half Marathon, Vancouver, WA
July 10 - See Jane Run Half Marathon, Seattle, WA

This too shall pass - especially when Downton Abbey is over and we are staying up on Sunday night to watch it!