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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mission Accomplished

As we get closer to our final event of the year I can look back at our year and declare "Mission Accomplished." At the beginning of the year I had some high hopes to do more than just running events, but life happens and sometimes priorities have to be changed.

When January rolled around it seemed like we had all sorts of time to plan the different events that would be fun to get back into again...like doing a multisport event at Blue Lake. The problem is that I REALLY like the Blue Lake Weekend events in June, but that would have been way too close to my first Vancouver Half and I was pretty sure that I didn't want to be dead during the month of June. So that plan was out, but it's not totally out of mind.

The All Womens event is at the end of July - beginning of August AT Blue Lake each year. SO, if I can't do a multisport event I can at least be in the middle of all that activity. So, I recruited Mary and challenged her to do the 5k event with me. She in turn invited people from her office and we were set! Since she had a friend from the clinic to run with I kind of abandoned them and tried to run my own race. Blah Blah Blah....

So, just being at Blue Lake in August really got me thinking about what I need to do to get into the pool. Still working on that one! I have decided that I will put the Girlfriends and Dudes triathlon on the calendar for next year. How difficult can it be swimming WITH the current down the Columbia River?! I'm in! Well, at this point I think I'm in...

The Hot Buttered run is less than 30 days away and we are just now getting back on track with our training. I'm not going to get all weird about it - I've done more on less training and didn't die.

I'm SO looking forward to next year! A new year and new goals! Oh Yeah...baby!

Running has never been so much fun!