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Monday, October 29, 2012


I may have mentioned on this blog how I have "dabbled" in the sport of running on and off since forever. For some reason it stuck this year. With Tom's accident in the Spring getting back on my bike has been slow going (still working on it) and running has become my activity of choice in the past few months.

At the end of May after having Tom home and convalescing for a few weeks I decided that it was time for me to get out and do something. Running would allow me to get out for 30 minutes or so without the hassle of getting into my cycling clothes and getting my bike ready to roll blah, blah, blah...

Not much is needed to get ready for a run - a decent pair of running shoes and comfortable clothes to run in. I prefer to run in lycra capri's and a tech top of some sort. About a month ago I got myself a cool run skirt from Sweet Spot Skirts and I've been running with that too. I am a bit modest. OH a really good supportive athletic bra is key - it pains me to see another woman on the road who is obviously running while wearing a not nearly supportive enough run bra.

The next thing that is so great about running is that you can do it anytime. Since my chemo days I have become quite the morning person so I prefer mornings. I try to get out as soon as the sun starts to come up - these days it's a little later, but I am able to go to work a little later so it's all good. We also invested in headlamps which we used for the first time this morning. Once I get used to having a lamp on my head I think I'll do alright with it. It does help to have a little something to help illuminate the way. Oh how I already long for more daylight in the mornings!

Training for a 10k is doable with the time that I set aside for running. My special training plan which I created on Runnersworld.com had my longest weekday run at 4 miles. Very doable for me as it would take me anywhere from 50-55 minutes depending on the route and workout. Long runs are always on Saturday and the longest is 6 miles - just long enough for me to actually do it and not get all funny about it because it is 6 miles afterall.

The eight week plan that I had for Run Like Hell was perfect! I enjoyed every run and stuck to the plan except for when we were in Bend and I had to cut the run short (the air is a little thin there) and I skipped a long run day because I thought I might be getting sick. Otherwise, I'm good with relatively short plans. Right now I have a maintenance plan that goes all the way to the Shamrock and the distances are 3 and 4 miles for all that time. I'm pretty sure that I'll change that when we are about 8 weeks out from the Shamrock Run. I'll get a new plan for the 8k distance and really try to pick up the training then.

This morning while we were out on the road I thought about staring up some pilates or yoga or some strength training with my hand weights on the days I'm not out on the road running in the dark. I know that if I build some strength that I'll be a better runner. I'm just lazy...so yeah, I'm going to make an effort to change in that area. We'll see what happens!
Not too shabby for taking a week off!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Still Runnin'

I haven't been here for a while...have been a little busy since we were on vacation and I have no idea how or why.

My running has been pretty consistent since vacation though. I have had to change up the time I go out now...it has been very dark in the mornings for the last month. Fortunately, working where I do allows me to be a little flexible with my start time.

So I am 3 runs away from doing the Run Like Hell 10k. I have not done a 6 mile run yet and hope that tomorrow will be the day. I skipped out on my long run last Saturday because I was feeling a little sickly, not running seemed like a good decision. I'm 99% sure that I'll be able to run that distance without too much of a problem. We'll see how it goes tomorrow when we go and run the 6 mile route that I have mapped out. Should be fun - the route is mainly pieces of other routes that we have done in the past all mooshed together, so no surprises!

The only thing that might slow me down is that it will rain. I am not equipped for wet weather running - not yet anyway. I should be after all these years, but no so much. I guess it's because I spent a lot of time running on a treadmill during the rainy season...which is probably what I'll be going back to sooner than later.

I'm really not looking forward to treadmill running, but that will have to be my safe and dry option for the rainy months to come.

Until I actually go in that direction all I have left is 6 miles on Saturday and a Tuesday & Thursday run. Race day is the 21st!

Feeling Superhero-ish...