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Monday, August 31, 2009


Today was the first time I felt like a runner! For real and everything. Running in the dark might have something to do with that so I don't feel so self conscious about how I might appear to unsuspecting folks who happen to see me on the road or the track or trail.

This morning was so cool though...I waited until it wasn't nearly as dark as usual and took off for a two miler - I'm starting my new 8K training plan - and it was comfortable. All the way down and around the corner and to the neighborhood that I run thru (for the street lights). When I popped out at Bliss Road I decided to run on the crappy path that parallels the road. I may not do that again, it is so uneven and bumpy, but I did it and felt somewhat swift...light on my feet. Amazing!

I love feeling like I'm getting somewhere with all the effort I have been trying to put into this activity!

run-ride-run baby!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Been a slow week...

Haven't done a whole lot as far as training...things are starting to slow down a little. I am continuing to bike commute as much as possible, but as soon as fall arrives I'm not sure how many days I'll have to ride to work. Thought I would run more this week, but haven't and I need to get back on track with my push ups.

Still need to continue logging miles to get ready for the Peach in September though, so I still have something to work toward. I'm looking forward to seeing how long it takes to do 100 miles. We are figuring on 7 to 7.5 hours. We'll see when the day comes! Then our last organized ride for the year will be the Harvest Ride in October which will start at the Washington County Fairgrounds this year. I am hoping for a more relaxed ride this year even though it is a 75 miles. Check out the ROUTE. The route takes us through some areas that we have not covered before - it looks that way at least. New routes are always fun.

When we started the cycling season oh so many months ago I wanted the season to last a long time. Now it looks like it is winding down a little. I'm looking forward to a little rest and running though, so that's all good. We did a lot of fun rides though and cut out most of the urban rides that happen around Portland. We'll probably do the Bridge Pedal next year though...gotta have at least one chaotic day out of the whole year.

The next year will be filled with with running, riding and hopefully swimming! For me it's all about challenging myself beyond what I think I can do and having a good time in the process - even if there is pain and a little suffering!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

running chart

I have never posted a pic of my running chart because it is so pathetic...but at least I have SOME miles on it...so that is something.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm starting to train for an 8K (4.97 mi), just for distance. I haven't seen any 8K races out there, but in case I do, I'll be ready! I will slowly work my way up to a 10K which I thought I could do this year, but boy was I kidding myself! I didn't have nearly as much time to devote to the running plan and had to abandon it and focus on getting my 5K time a little faster or at least feel more comfortable. Which I do feel comfortable running 3 miles - so all is good!

I am looking forward to the Fall and Winter when I will switch my focus to running and keep my cycling in the background with riding my trek on the trainer in the garage when the mornings are too wet and gloomy to ride. What I'll probably do is change my start time at work to get a little extra time at lunch to get on the treadmill OR we'll actually join a gym and I can get some treadmill time in there. I can't believe that I'm excited about running on the treadmill.

Here's to running an 8K....

I'm psyched!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Unofficial Rest

This hasn't been the best of weeks...if you go to my other blog you will see why.

So this week was just a couple of days of riding AND a couple of days of push ups. OH, I haven't mentioned the push ups...Yeah, the deal with that is if you go to www.hundredpushups.com you will find out all the information needed to "train" to do 100 push ups, consecutively after six weeks - WHOA...SIX WEEKS?! Well, I'm in the middle of week four and am struggling a little bit, so I'll probably do a week of training over again. Just for fun because I really like the trembling arms from all the effort I have to put into reaching the minimum goal for the "Maximum Set" at the end of each session.

Anyway, once I get my motivation back - any day now - I'll hit the road again. I have to admit that it is harder now that Tom isn't supposed to run because of a lingering injury from a fall that occurred at the end of February. It might be two or three more months until he pulls on those running shoes again, so I'll have to do some early morning runs and/or after work runs at the track with Tom walking on the track. I'm a little bummed, but at least he can still get out and walk. My hope is that we will participate in a holiday run in Ridgefield and possibly the First Run in Portland.

We'll see....I'm always looking for something to do and keep myself in a shape less round and pudgy as I have been in years past. Also, I hope to not put on my "winter coat" and if I can manage to do that, I hope to NOT celebrate in January for not gaining weight! It's a constant battle!

I'm psyched!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Future Goals

The summer isn't over yet and I'm already looking forward to planning my activities for next year. I have already started with my 8K training, just adding a little distance instead of going all out for a 10K. An 8K seems doable with the time that I have available to run. So, I'm looking forward to reaching that goal.

There is a Spring Classic Duathlon in April and I'm looking to do that one...hopefully Mark & Robin will team up with us...Mark & Tom and Robin & I. Tom and I would be the runners and M & R the cyclists. It would be best that way since they don't run and I'm on my way to actually enjoying this running stuff. It's amazing what the right shoes will do! We'll probably do the Blue Lake Du as individuals, just so I can see if I can better my time and then the All Women's event in August. On top of the multisport events I'm hoping to do a couple of 5K races here and there for training and then there is always the cycling events.

Now that we are starting to become a little more selective about what rides we do I'm sure that we'll cut out all of the urban rides that are in Portland and stick to the longer distance rides. Those fit our riding style of go go go!

So while my training for the first Duathlon is long past...there will always be opportunities to get faster & stronger - well at least stronger...we'll see about faster.

Stay tuned for more adventures!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I've done this...

Do I really want to do this?
It almost is crazy to think that I am considering swimming after saying over and over that "I don't swim. Oh, in a lake, yeah, no I don't swim."

Over the weekend Tom and I were in Albany and the hotel we stayed at had a pool. Tom thought I should get a swim suit so we could swim a little. Oh, are there swim suits available mid-way thru summer? No, just the ugly ones or the huge ones or the teeny bopper ones. Nothing for "normal" people. So no swimming this time. Anyway, during our travels around Albany I had asked Tom if he was interested in trying a triathlon, and he said he had thought about it. Crazy thing is I have been thinking of it myself. YIKES!

Not only do I need to train more for my running....I would have to add swimming. Last time I checked we don't have a pool in the backyard and we don't have a membership at one of those gym places that would have a pool. Also, I don't have a suit that fits. So yeah, sign me up!

Doing all these athletic-y activities has been good though, I'm losing some weight (and gaining it back) and getting stronger and more motivated. So I guess we'll do a tri, but not until 2011 - I want to better my individual Du time before moving on to the next challenge.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Now that the All Women's event is past I find that I have to rest. Not because I want to, but because I'm a train wreck! This week I managed to tweak my back, so pretty much all outdoor activities that would require swift movement is OUT. I'm a little bummed, but sometimes I need these little reminders that rest is important. Along with my messed up back I had twisted my ankle during the second run at the All Women's Du and while it is no longer painful, it is still swollen, so no running either. Okay, so I get it...just hang out and recuperate. No pushing for the rest of the week.

This Sunday is a new ride for us, the Mid-Willamette Valley Bike Club's Covered Bridge Bicycle Tour out of Albany. We are opting for the 68 mile tour because that one includes lunch, something that is very important to Tom. I would have been happy with the 40 mile route, but I don't think that I'll regret changing my mind.

Next week will be a good week to start bike commuting again and maybe even get out and run a little too. I got onto runnersworld.com and looked at a new training plan for an 8K - not sure how far that is, but sounds good. It's more than 3.1 miles and less than 6.2 miles I know that for sure. That will be my goal for next year along with shaving time off. Running really has become more enjoyable now that I have the right shoes for my particular running style. I never thought I would ever say that and Tom is surprised to hear those words coming out of my mouth too...look at me, I'm growing!

Even though August has just started I know it will be over before we know it. I'm going to enjoy every day as much as possible because...

I'm psyched!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

All Women's Video

Finally, got some video with my new FLIP camcorder...been trying to link this to the sidebar, but I'm not getting it...ho hum. This is 2hours in 2 min 27 sec...just the highlights!

All Women's Sprint Tri & Du at Blue Lake

Today was the big day! Robin's first taste of Multi-sport events and my second Du!

Just doing the runs and not having to do the ride was a little easier, the only thing that became a problem was the fact that it was a little warm...warmer than when I run normally which has been either early in the morning or in the "cool" of the late afternoon. With the high temps over the last week, today promised to be cooler, but the temps rose steadily throughout the morning.

My first run time was a little slower than Blue Lake in June and my second run time was slightly better, BUT over all the difference between the two runs was not 6 minutes...so that was an improvement. During my second run I managed to twist my ankle a little, but not so much that I had to stop. I was happy that I didn't go down.

Robin did a great job on the ride, she ROCKED the course with an 18+ mph average! She had it pretty easy going to and from the course since I had her use my mtn pedals/shoes for this event. Big fat cleats bolted to the bottom of road shoes...not good, boooo! When we saw her returning to the relay transition area it was a little surprising to see her coming our way...SO COOL!

The coolest part was that there were two Du teams racing and we came in with the fastest time - 2:01:30!!! So that got us medals!! Seriuosly, that is the only way we would get an award, as a TEAM and with the other team no where in sight. So bad, but hey, we got first!!!

I couldn't imagine having anyone else as a teammate...Robin really did great even though she was unsure how things worked during the event. She was also commenting that next year we'll have to beat our time. Hmmm, could she also be hooked? I know I am! Here's looking forward to Blue Lake & the All Women's events in 2010! I'M SUPER PSYCHED NOW!
After looking at the results at racecenter.com it turns out that the other team was in a different division! We were the only ones in our division...STILL ROCKED THE COURSE!