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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pace Bunny and Training Run Reports


Trying not to skip my runs this week as I'm only slightly ahead of pace bunny....

Pace Bunny = 48.8 miles (since March 25)
Me Bunny = 49 (exactly)

That is too close - I can't have fractions of a mile...must have WHOLE miles. Yes I'm obsessive about this. Didn't see that comin' - truly. Who knew?!


Since I was so uninspired on Saturday morning, not to mention very tired I decided to do my long run on Sunday. Being tired when waking up is not good - I even snoozed a little later that morning on the couch for about an hour AND took a bit of a snooze while at the movies then afterwards around what should have been dinner time. Just a little tired I think.

Just as my obsessive mind would work, I knew I HAD to do my long run Sunday morning. I can't be skipping a 4 mile run - that would put me waaay behind pace bunny and that is just wrong! I was out early, just before 6am and started out with no route in mind. I wondered what it would be like to just run and make decisions while out and about. It was kind of fun, in the end I ended up doing 4.75 miles. I think I had one walk break - just long enough to call home and let Tom know where I was.

What have I learned from my long run weekend? Well, when you are tired, REST! Sleep if you have to, just chill and be okay with it. Running without a route in mind can be a good thing. The only thing I did think about is making sure I hit my distance.

This morning's run was good. At first I thought I would try to get back on track and do my Monday run, but decided that would be silly. I'll go for the Tues-Thurs-Sat schedule this week. That will get me back on track with starting my weekly training runs on Monday! Felt fairly speedy today, which is in contrast to my runs the past couple of weeks. I don't think that I did an especially good job with hydrating yesterday, but the run felt good anyway. My legs didn't have that lead-like feeling as they have in the past, so that's encouraging.

The one thing that I am struggling with right now would be the temperature in the early morning. When I got up at 4:30 it was 38 or 39 degrees (at our house). By the time I was ready to head out the temperature dropped a few degrees. Still it was chilly. The problem is that I'm not sure what I should wear. Definitely a jacket...but do I put on a long sleeve shirt, wear my long pants, how about that cap???  It's weird - 35 in the winter is REALLY cold. Today I was really quite comfortable with my capris, short sleeve shirt, jacket and gloves. I think the cap would have been more of a bother than it is worth so that was left behind. I'm really looking forward to the mornings that are just warm enough for no jacket, gloves or headwear!

Meh, just random thoughts I guess. Just really happy that running is fun again! Speedwork on Thursday...oh yeah baby!

Activity:  Run
Type of Run:  Easy
Distance:  3 miles
Actual Distance: 3.43
Temp: 35ish F
Goal Pace:  14:26
Actual Pace: 12:29

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Skipped to #11

That's right I skipped training run #10 to #11 and I feel okay about it. Okay, I really don't but that's because I'm finding out just how obsessive I am about my training plans. It's not like I'm being watched or scored on how many of these runs I do or anything, but I still feel like it's not okay to skip runs.

On Saturday when I woke up I decided that I wasn't interested in running and decided to do my long run on Sunday - before heading off to worship service. I have to admit that I wasn't feeling terribly good into my run on Sunday, but managed to do it so that was a good thing.

Woke up tired on Monday and found that Tuesday I was feeling even more tired and unmotivated. I guess that's when you know it's time for a rest. So two days of rest and I'm all GOOD!

I ran the same route as on Sunday and ran it a couple of minutes faster even. The best part is that I had a very brief rest at the turn around - just long enough to call  home and let Tom know where I was. When I reached 21st Avenue and saw that I might be able to beat my previous time I started to feel a bit more energized and just kept on plugging along at pretty good clip.

So my stats for today:

Activity:  Run
Type of Run:  Easy
Distance:  4 mi
Actual Distance:  4:04 mi
Temp:  34F
Goal Pace:  14:26
Actual Pace:  12:26

So, really - since I started this current training plan I have been on track, not missing any run or breaking up a run to make it work with my schedule. Skipping ONE run should send me over the edge! I'm still ahead of Pace Bunny - but only slightly.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shoe Illness?

I posted about shoes a while back...check that out HERE.

This past weekend I decided to change up my cover pic on my Facebook page...
I'm partial to New Balance shoes...those asics are no good!
I think I like to hold on to stuff. Mainly old shoes. If you were to read my previous post that I have linked above, you'll notice near the end of the post that I said, "Before the year is over I'll have to donate the shoes I'm not using...." Well, not only has that NOT happened, but I have added to the collection. I have doubled what I have laying around the house now. I know (or hope) that there are other people out there who have more, but for me this just seems a little excessive. In fact, even Tom only has two pair of running shoes! And he likes to hang on to stuff!

You would think that I would actually give up a pair or two, but I can't. These shoes are spendy and I guess I just want to get the most out of them - even if I am just moving them around the house because they are getting in the way.

Yep. It's an illness - if this continues, I'll need to seek out professional help!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Activity:  Run
Type:  Long
Distance: 4 miles
Actual Distance: 4.04 (yes the .04 counts hee hee)
Goal Pace: 14:26
Actual Pace: 12:58-ish

I'm on track with Pace Bunny on RunningAhead.com so I'm happy.

Now that Tom has had a steroid shot into his backside for a pinched nerve he has been told no running for a few months. Major not good! Oh well, I've been running by myself for the past couple of weeks - it's not too bad. I do miss having him running along side me though :(

Did long run today (Sunday) instead of yesterday. Run was okay, nothing terribly exciting. Just an easy 4 miler. Getting back on track with my run days starting tomorrow. We'll see how long that lasts.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Training Run #8, Part 2

Activity:  Run
Type of Run:  Tempo
Distance 4 mi
Actual Distance 2.53
Temp:  44 F
Goal Pace:  Unsure
Actual Pace:  12:20

Yesterday morning I had the idea that if the weather improved by the time I got off work I would run to HB Fuller to be a spectator at a T-Ball game instead of drive. The weather actually was nice, the rain clouds moved on, but the WIND also arrived. BAH! Not a fan. Running at the end of a work day in the swirling wind with LOTS and LOTS of traffic is not ideal.

The main reason why I decided to split up this run is because 4 miles in the dark of morning is somewhat unsettling for this girl. It's been a while since I have had to run on my own and with Tom suffering from a pinched nerve, I'll be running solo for a little while longer.

This morning was not nearly as cold as the other morning, but not terribly cozy either. Went out wearing capris, short sleeve top and my fleece. It seemed to work out alright as I didn't feel overheated when I returned home. I spent a couple of minutes considering how badly I wanted to wear my headlamp. I'm getting to the point that I'm losing interest in the headlamp and since I could see that there were no clouds and some sky that was starting to get more light I left the headlamp at the end of the driveway. Best decision EVER!

The run went fairly well, the best so far this week - this is the first run in a week that I haven't felt like I shouldn't be running at all. Even though I feel like I'm going slow when I get home and record my stats I'm surprised that my pace isn't so slow after all. I feel like I shouldn't be getting better - at 47 - and I should be getting slower. Things are surprisingly good!

Now, just to shake things up, I should add some strength training - just for the fun of it! I could take some of the advice that I read in my Runner's World magazines. With a variety of exercises each month, I could switch things up every few weeks. AND the best thing - most of the exercises can be easily done while I'm watching TV with Tom, you know, quality time in the evening...bahahaha...

We'll see how that works out. I'm not convinced yet ;)

Training Run #8, Part 1 (April 10)

Activity:  Rest Day
Type of Run: ???
Distance: 0 miles
Actual Distance:  1.47 mi
Temp:  57(ish) F
Goal Pace: none
Actual Pace:  12:36

This is part one because I decided that I didn't want to do a 4 mile run by myself at 5:30 in the morning. Also, a friend's son was playing in his first T-Ball game at 5:30...so instead of getting into the truck with Tom and heading to the park, I decided to run instead. It's fairly close, less than two miles and it was a good evening for a run!

It was windy and I had hoped that it would be mostly to my back, but for some reason it wasn't. This route, as easy as it is, is a slight, very slight incline, which combined with the wind wasn't all that fun. Also, I felt like I had lead in my legs and didn't feel like my pace was all that great. I am surprised that it was still under a 13 min mile. I guess all the consistent running/training is making a difference. Just have to get used to being a little more speedy.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Buzz Off Pace Bunny!

This is my pace bunny...

Today is day 19.
90.2 mi and 59 days remaining

You are 0.2 mi behind the pace bunny.
28.8 mi
Pace bunny:
29 mi
You are projected to complete
118.2 mi at the current rate.
We are at times at odds with one another. Pace Bunny is a nit-picker...hee hee...
I LOVE goals!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Run Updates

Activity:  Run
Type of Run: Easy
Distance: 3 mi
Actual Distance: 3.4
Temp: 37 F
Goal pace: 14:26/mile
Actual pace: 12:40/mile

This morning I realized that I did not post about my Saturday run...which was better than I thought it would be.

First I did more that the prescribed distance of 4 miles, adding a half mile. That might not seem like much, but with the hill that is toward the end of 4 miles, the additional half mile can be a little painful. Also, I started my run with the wind to my back, which means that I was running into the wind on my way home. The only good thing about the route I was on is that it descends ever so slightly which is nice...not fighting the wind AND gaining elevation little by little!

This week I decided to switch up my run days and do my first run this week today. I figure I messed myself up last week by running at different times that changing days wouldn't be a big deal. Plus it's good for my body to not expect the same thing week after week!

Ended up with 3 miles today...and then some. I had been feeling physically tired and a little mentally drained the past couple of days and I'm glad that I switched up my run days. With the extra day off, this morning wasn't all that bad. It was chilly though - I had pulled on my capris before checking the temperature and when I saw that it was below 40 degrees. I wasn't in the mood to change into my long pants. I always seem to warm up, but this morning I peeled NOTHING off during my run. So I guess I had the right combination of clothing on :)

Nothing terribly exciting happened besides the fact that around 6am the skies started to get a little light. YES! Since DST I have been waiting for the sunrise to get earlier and earlier...looks like tomorrow our sunrise will be at 6:33!!! Wahoooo!!!

Oh, ever since the Shamrock, I've been trying to do my runs with just one walk break. That has always been my big mental thing - thinking I need to stop and walk when in reality I know that I can keep running. It's amazing what you can will your body to do ;)

Anyway - I'm lovin' this running thing I've got goin' on!
My graph lines are thicker than normal...what does that MEAN? Hmmm...

Thursday, April 4, 2013


2012 Hot Buttered Run - Vancouver, WA
Activity:  Run
Type of Run: Speedwork  (did an easy run instead)
Distance:  4 mi
Actual Distance 3.4
Temp: 52 F
Goal pace: 14:26
Actual pace:  12:52

Instead of doing my run yesterday I decided to do it today. Yesterday was filled with all sorts of running Tom around to appointments and stuff, so it really was best to do it this morning.

Got out around 7:40 this morning and started with the intent of doing 4 miles. Within the first half mile or so I could tell that 4 miles was not going to happen and that ANY distance would be good. Of course my go to route is to the light at the high school and then back home - that's just over two miles. Then I decided that I should do at least 3 miles and I could make up the rest of the distance on Saturday. Yeah, there was a lot of thinking happening during this run. Finally decided to do something a little different, just run to the light a HB Fuller and then turn around and go home. It was a good compromise I think.

There really isn't anything special about today's run other than the fact that I had to work through a mental battle of not feeling so great and willing my legs to continue on. Also, I ALWAYS feel better after I go out for a run even though I really don't want to.

The other motivating factor...the threat of rain. Running in the rain is not one of my favorite activities, but has be done. So, to not get caught in what might be considered rain...keeping the legs going is a GOOD thing! As it turns out I was only "spit" on this morning. Perfect!

So rest for the rest of today and tomorrow, work on remembering to hydrate and look forward to my long run on Saturday. I think I'll do the loop that goes from our house to Fred Meyer and back via 149th Street. That will add the distance that I skipped out on today and will give me a chance to not be freaked out running alone - again :)

Get out and RUN!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Training Runs #3 & #4

Saturday was long run day - 4 miles. It's hard to map out a route that is 4 miles, so I mapped out a route that was at least 4 miles...which actually ended up being 4.51 miles. I felt really good Saturday morning and only had one walk break after about 2.5 miles. Not bad for this girl! Made it back home in 55 minutes - for a 12:24 pace. I'll take that any day!

This week is vacation week for me so I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to get my run done before going to work - yaaay!! Sleep was kind of messed up, but I still managed to drag myself out of bed a little after 6:30 to get ready to get out.

It was a perfect morning for a 3 mile run, dry, cool temperature and no wind. The only downfall was that Tom tweaked his back pretty good and couldn't run - so a little bit of a creepy run for me this morning. The first few solo runs feel a little creepy...which is okay because that just makes me get done that much quicker.

I achieved my first negative split (as far as I know) this morning! My final time was 35:29.17 (11:36 pace) and my second half was slightly quicker than the first half!! Score!

Speedwork on Wednesday 4 miles...3 x 800s with warm up and cool down.