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Monday, March 28, 2016

March...Nothing Good Came from March

This month has been a rough one. First, I was sick and I ended up taking a couple of days off from work and went back the following week only to go home early on that Monday. THEN I was okay enough to go to work the next day to do the Accounts Payables transmittal that I have to complete for the first meeting of the month.

My sickly time was at the beginning of the month and I ended up missing the first run of the year which was okay, because I wasn't feel up for it. Tom went and without really trying ended up 3rd in his age division! The medal followed via our buddy who works for Energy Events. Yay Tom!

After I was mostly better from my illness - which I think was just a nasty cold - Tom promptly got sick and spent a few days down. It's been a terrible month!

SO - what running we did do was very little. We pushed out an 8 miler only for Tom to relapse just in time for the Hop Hop Half this past Saturday. So this time HE missed  a race that we had on the calendar. I decided to go ahead and do the event, but made up my mind before I arrived at the venue to switch from doing the half - which I was not prepared for at all - and ran the 5k race. It was a good decision and I didn't feel bad about not doing my first half for the year.

I spy a bunny...hop hop!

We now have the time to get healthy and start training for the Vancouver USA Half Marathon in June. That one will be a good one - nice and close to home! A favorite of mine :)

My mileage for the month has been very low - only a measly 17 miles (actually 19). I'm not going to beat myself up. Being sick and getting well is more important than logging miles just because I'm a numbers person.

I'm not proud of this, but at least I logged a few miles.