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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I want to be a cheetah!

I have been very delinquent with my blogging in recent weeks. Have been busy and tired...tired of being busy, tis the season!

All I have really been up to is running and some strength training. The running has been good and not so good, but more good than not. After Run Like Hell I decided that I would start a new run plan (1/2 marathon) and lift weights when I go to the gym. The busy season is enough to drive me mad and I don't need the stress of trying to figure out what training workout I'm going to do - so running it is! Something about a 1/2 marathon is in the back of my mind ;) I'll be getting back into the pool in January - which really means I'll start training for a Sprint Distance Triathlon...too much...Too Much! I love it :)

So my latest revelation is that speed isn't really that important. Just getting the run done is my goal anymore. I have started noticing that in the past few years I have been slowing down a bit. I want to say it's because I have been doing multisport and I'm not in that great of shape, but now I'm thinking it's because I'm getting older. It's hard to say. I want to blame it on my crazy desire to do all three sports in one event, but that age thing keeps coming up. Maybe what little strength training I have been doing will help...I don't know, I should keep a diary starting in January.

ANYWAY, this week my run schedule is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - 3, 3 and then 4. I'm already off as of this morning. So very tired so I did a run/walk treadmill session (2 miles). I'm pretty sure that I can make up the additional mile tomorrow and then get back on track for my other two runs.

Looking forward to going home and crashing with my Kindle on the couch...then falling asleep and then waking up and maybe dragging myself to bed.

Aaah, now that is inspiration!