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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shamrock Run BABY!

Last week the team stuff was made available for pick-up at my favorite coffee spot in Salmon Creek

This is how my table looked after I dumped the contents out...just a little bit of work to do.

Every team member has a bib number, tee shirt and a special offer from Adidas

 WHAAAAT?! 50% OFF??!!

The perk for being team captain...
(look at that hair!)

 A couple of gift cards...one for Fit Right NW and the other for Stanfords.

I have managed to distribute a few of the packets to my people, but need to do some T-Shirt exchanges for them now...ugh. I don't get why this year is so different than the previous years. Oh well, it part of the job of a team captain.

24 days 'til the big day!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Then There Was Snow

I knew that this time of year would be rough on my desire to maintain a running streak. I can happily report that my last streak last for more than 10 days! Got to 26 and then there was this...

Our Driveway from the Back Door Entry
The snow started a week ago on Thursday the 6th and continued on thru Saturday - granted it was off and on, but still...quite a bit of snow for us in the Greater Clark County area.

I had decided to take Friday off because I was pretty much done for the week and had been thinking about it from the time I was driving to work to the time that the snow was making being at work difficult. It was distracting! So before I left for the day (a couple of hours early, bonus!) I officially requested the day off and then went home.

Friday rolls around and I'm home and I'm going back and forth about running - I mean I had already declared that I wasn't going to and that I would end my streak at 25 days. However, that attitude changed quickly once I saw that a friend of mine had just gone on her run and she described it as "exhilarating."


Oh fine...now I HAVE to go. So Tom is working on the computer and I'm now done with my baking project - I start collecting up some clothes and go in and tell Tom that I want to run and ask if he wants to come with me. Well duh...we suit up and get going and it was not quite exhilarating, but man I felt better getting out - I suppose that was the exhilarating part ;) Okay - mark down Day 26.

We went just over a mile, but it was the best snowy mile EVER!

At least this last break was only 4 days and not 11
 Today is 2014 Running Streak, Day 2. Hoping to get past 26 days this time!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Full Up

FINALLY - my chart is FULL - No Gaps

Today is day 22 of my running streak.

run, Run, RUN