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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I want to be a cheetah!

I have been very delinquent with my blogging in recent weeks. Have been busy and tired...tired of being busy, tis the season!

All I have really been up to is running and some strength training. The running has been good and not so good, but more good than not. After Run Like Hell I decided that I would start a new run plan (1/2 marathon) and lift weights when I go to the gym. The busy season is enough to drive me mad and I don't need the stress of trying to figure out what training workout I'm going to do - so running it is! Something about a 1/2 marathon is in the back of my mind ;) I'll be getting back into the pool in January - which really means I'll start training for a Sprint Distance Triathlon...too much...Too Much! I love it :)

So my latest revelation is that speed isn't really that important. Just getting the run done is my goal anymore. I have started noticing that in the past few years I have been slowing down a bit. I want to say it's because I have been doing multisport and I'm not in that great of shape, but now I'm thinking it's because I'm getting older. It's hard to say. I want to blame it on my crazy desire to do all three sports in one event, but that age thing keeps coming up. Maybe what little strength training I have been doing will help...I don't know, I should keep a diary starting in January.

ANYWAY, this week my run schedule is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - 3, 3 and then 4. I'm already off as of this morning. So very tired so I did a run/walk treadmill session (2 miles). I'm pretty sure that I can make up the additional mile tomorrow and then get back on track for my other two runs.

Looking forward to going home and crashing with my Kindle on the couch...then falling asleep and then waking up and maybe dragging myself to bed.

Aaah, now that is inspiration!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011 Ironman Statistics

I'm pretty sure that I won't be participating in an Ironman Event - ANYWHERE - but these numbers are fun to ponder. And it's a pretty cool poster :)

2011 Ironman Infographic2 2011 Ironman World Championship by the Numbers
Brought to you by: Triathlon Training Schedule

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week 2 - Almost Through The Week

We are on week 2 and I'm still pretty much on track. Had a slight hiccup on Monday and only ran 2 miles on the treadmill - I didn't even try for 3. That's how crummy I felt. So I made up that mile on Tuesday before getting into the pool. Ran 2 yesterday and will do 3 on Saturday. Next week will be super easy 2, 2 and then 3. After that we start adding more distance, but I'm not going to think about that right now. Today we did yoga - hoping for another swim tomorrow :)

I have figured out that I feel bad on my Monday runs because I'm so bad with hydrating on the weekends. This weekend I'm going to try an experiment and see what happens if I drink water like I do during the week. Also, I thought maybe I don't get enough sleep, but I usually am a little sleep deprived during the week, so that probably isn't the problem.

To help improve my running we have been doing strength training after our runs, I can tell that it helps. My runs feel so much better now - not so sluggish - so I suppose I should keep that up. Also, I read this online:

"As a rule, muscle mass declines with age, starting in the 40s and picking up speed after about age 50. Then the typical rate of muscle loss really begins to outpace the rate of muscle gain, so that there's an increasing net deficit..."

Picking up speed? Goodness...I've got a lot of work ahead of me. Lifting weights is not one of my favorite things to do, but just so I don't decline too much, too quickly, I'm going to have to make an effort to make strength training a part of my fitness routine!

So, today is Tom's birthday and the celebrating started with breakfast at Biscuits Cafe and coffee at Starbucks. Tonight I'll make Mushroom Risotto for dinner. Afterwards we'll go out for a sweet treat, Tom's choice. This Sunday we'll be heading out with our core group for a little Happy Hour at Lapellah...oye.

I might have to work extra hard next week to work off all the calories that I'm consuming now and will consume this weekend...hehe.

So I need to drink more water...I will consume lots of calories...and work out harder.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wet Run

At the finish of All Women's Event
Today wasn't exactly a downpour, but it certainly wasn't dry. We got out and did the 3 miler for today and it wasn't too bad. I spent a lot of time dodging little puddles on the sidewalk or road. I was also determined to not stop at 30 minutes, but to keep going to the 3 mile mark.

I don't know why I'm so excited about that...but I think mostly it is because it's so easy to talk myself into walking and if I can do a run without giving in to my mind telling me to stop I feel pretty good about that - yay :)

So I get a break from running until Monday morning so I think tomorrow I'll get into the pool and try to do a few laps. My swim yesterday wasn't that great, so of course I want to try to fix that. I really shouldn't take too much of a break from swimming, I'll never get better at it!

We go back to standard time tonight so the extra hour will be nice!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week 1, Run #2

Okay, so today was supposed to be Run #3, but I was still in lazy mode on Saturday - the supposed first day of my new training plan.

Today was another whoppin' two miles on the treadmill. After just trudging through my Monday AM run, I felt TONS better today! I don't know why or how, but it was just good.Although, I did have some pain here and there, but nothing that lasted long. I'm figuring the pain was my body still working over my mind and trying to get me to stop running.

I remember a couple of years ago I was sticking to a running plan pretty regularly and the running felt pretty good most of the time. Sure there were days that I just plain didn't feel so great, but I was always happy to have gone out and do the run anyway and usually finished feeling a little better. So I just need to stick to it and it will become a part of my regular training routine!

We did strength training again today which is a good thing - Tom and I travel around the gym together so it isn't as awkward. If I need help he is there to lend a hand :)

Tomorrow is a spin class day for Tom. I am going to get into the pool and see how that goes. I really should be spending as much time swimming as I possibly can. The sprint tri swim distance is a half mile and I am only at a quarter mile right now. It's a bit daunting to think that I need to swim another quarter mile! Just need to chip away at it and over time it will come.

So, right now it's running, strength training and swimming, maybe throw some yoga in the mix for something a little more gentle.

Looking forward to my next run - 3 miles on the road on Saturday.

WOO HOO!!! I love Saturday Runs!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Looking Forward...

I like my collection of running shoes!
Now that we have finished most of the events for this year - just one left to do (Winter Wonderland Lights Run/Walk) It's time to start looking at my potential events list for 2012!

January - Resolution Run (Battle Ground)
March - Shamrock Run Portland, Fort Vancouver Run
April - Monster Cookie Metric Century (?)
June - Blue Lake Sprint Tri, Vancouver USA Half Marathon & Tour de Blast (?)
July - 4th of July Run (Ridgefield), Cycle Oregon Weekend Ride, All Women's Event
August - Covered Bridge Bicycle Tour (?)
September - StumpTown Sprint Tri, Peach of a Century (?)
October - Harvest Ride, Run Like Hell
November - ???

I don't think I have enough on my list...I better look for more stuff to do!!!

Took a week off after we did Run Like Hell the Sunday before this past Sunday and it was a super lazy week! Did go to the gym, didn't think about running, riding or swimming...aaahhh. Yesterday we were back at it and at the gym bright and early 2 mile run and then some strength training. Tomorrow is another 2 miles and I probably should do more strength training. I'm trying to be smart about my training now. Before it was just a willy-nilly thing. I think it will still be willy-nilly, but at least there will be some structure here and there ;) I can dream right?

If anyone is interested - Winter Wonderland Lights Run/Walk is on November 26 at PIR. Come join the fun! The Party In The Pit starts at 3pm there will be a sock hop, Mrs. Claus Hula Hoop contest, a Lil Elf parade and then the run/walk at 5pm!

This year has been a good year with all the events and pushing myself a little more than usual to run a 10k and do a couple of triathlons. Now I'm looking forward to more of the same for next year and new challenges!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 RLH

Run Like Hell is DONE! I did it!!! I ran my first 10K!!! Not TWO 5K's interrupted with a bike or rest, but one full 10K!!!

I have realized that it is MUCH easier to run a 10K than doing a Duathlon - although the duathlon is a fun challenge, but not as fun as triathlon...


Tom and I ran together more than half way, then he pulled away and I continued to run a nice steady pace. I'm so psyched! The finish wasn't bad and I felt pretty good - I think I like this running stuff!!!

Since this was my first 10K I allowed myself and hour and a half to complete this seemingly monumental distance...my official time was 1:24...not bad right?

This week is rest week. No running, no riding, no swimming...just hoping to sleep in and be lazy. I like lazy! If I feel like getting into the jacuzzi at the gym I may get out of bed early to do that, but really, I just want to rest!

A little make up to complete the look?

Okay, so the make-up didn't survive the sweat!
Interesting sights at the after event party.
Pink Tutu anyone?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Empty Roads?

click to expand

I TOTALLY get this...we have gone for rides during Super Bowl just because we knew that most people would be at some party somewhere...PERFECT.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Speedwork Mondays

It seems that my default run workout for Monday's has been doing speedwork for two reasons. First Sunday night is a "late" night for us - we go to our small group at 6:30 get done by 8:30 and I'm all jazzed up for a good while after we get back home. So, we get to bed later than usual.

The other reason is that I think that Monday is too soon after doing long runs on Saturdays to jump straight back into doing a 3 or 4 mile run. On a treadmill no less.

So Monday has turned into the day that I do Speedwork. Which is good because I get a break every few minutes and don't have to push myself as much - pushing myself to keep running that is. This helps me look forward to my Wednesday run so much more! Make one run a little less fun to do so that the next time will seem like a breeze!

Swim tomorrow and most likely strength training afterwards. Both are not necessarily my favorite things to do, but I noticed on my run on Saturday that I felt much stronger and was able to cover more distance than I was supposed to. Also, I am determined to do a sprint distance triathlon next year, at some point. So swimming all winter and through the spring will be key in getting me to that goal! I should think about Open Water swimming too, but it will be far too cold for many months, so I can think about that later!

I am looking forward to doing my 10k on Sunday though, get it done and over with. It seems that with the things that we sign up to do all I want to do is get to that day and just do it. I guess that just means that I'm tired of training...not surprising. Once I finish though, I am always happy to have done another event and finish with a little integrity.

Whether or not there is another event this year is unknown right now. I did mention to Tom that I would like to do a Turkey Trot somewhere in Vancouver. We'll see, that's just over a month away. Even if we don't do another event, I'm going to keep running whether it's here at the station during my lunch break or at the gym in the early morning hours during the week. It would be nice to be able to sleep in a little more during the week.

LOVE all the activities and can't wait for next season - but first Run Like Hell on Sunday!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Long Run Saturday

I don't know why I fret so much...we went out for our long run today and I felt good pretty much the whole way. At 30 minutes I took a walk break. At first I thought we would walk 3 minutes, but then I realized that the narrowest part of the road was just a little further than I could walk in 3 so we probably walked closer to 5. Then onto 149th Street. I LOVE running west on 149th - it's pretty much a nice gentle down hill grade for MOST of the way. I have to be careful though, my Saturday runs are supposed to be Long and SLOOOOW....like today was supposed to be a 14:38 per mile pace. My pace today was probably a minute faster than that. Kinda wonder what it would be if I didn't walk. Hmmmm....

Overall I had a great run and I'm feeling much more confident about running our next and last organized event of the year. Although I have spied a couple of other events, so this may not be the last ;)

My goal is to always keep running even if it is just a little bit. We joined LA Fitness a couple of years ago, so it has gotten easier to train during the wet rainy season so I really don't have an excuse to not run, right? Sometimes the laziness sets in and I end up not going to the gym much. I guess I'll have to continue looking for events to train for like the Shamrock Run in March. The past couple of years we have run the 8k route - it would seem silly to do the 5k route, where's the challenge in that?

So, 2 more training runs this next week and a couple of days of rest then RUN LIKE HELL!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Funny How Things Work Out...

On my way to work this morning I was thinking about how on earth I'm going to be able to run that 10K a week from this Sunday - as I posted earlier this week I got 3 miles on the treadmill this week. Tomorrow should be a 4 mile run and then 3 on Monday and 4 on Wednesday. Race day on Sunday the 23rd!

At each event that I entered this year I was NOT 100% prepared, yet, I was able to finish. THAT was the theme of the year, to finish. More specifically to finish without puking, tripping or just plain stopping and taking a Did Not Finish (DNF). There is no such thing as a DNF in my vocabulary and there isn't Last Place either. My goal this year has been to finish.

So, with Run Like Hell coming up I'm sure I'll finish, but I am wondering just how much I'll be walking. I have already previewed the route so I have an idea of where it goes, but that's a lot of city streets to run through - oye.

Looking forward to a week of rest after this event...that just might include sleeping in. I wonder what that's like?

run, Run, RUN!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two Things...

First - I had an AWESOME treadmill run this morning!!! Up until today, I haven't been able to get past the 2 mile mark. Something happened in the last couple of days and today I actually set the 'mill on the 5K program and went for it. I started up by walking for a couple of minutes and then increasing the speed with each "lap" that I completed. By the time I got to two miles I was still feeling pretty good and knew that I could do the final mile with no problem. SUCCESS! I think this is it...I'm in indoor running mode...yaaay!


 I get weekly emails from Runner's World and today's edition had these special underwear...go HERE


At $65 I don't think I'll be getting a package of these.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zombie Run

Tom was able to get his work partner to stop in at FitRight Northwest to get us registered for the Run Like Hell on October 23rd!

The theme this year is Zombies and Tom is on board! We have decided on old PJ's to zombie-ize and we even talked to one of the gals at Starbucks who is in "make-up" school (according to Tom) and she agreed to do our make-up before the event...sorry Brittney - it's gonna be an early morning girl!

I'm excited, despite the fact that I'm not sure how far I'll be able to get with my training...what's 6.2 miles right?! Tom has assured me that I will probably be surprised by what I can do. Somehow I think he's right. I figure I can move continuously for 2 hours doing a duathlon or triathlon and that's with transition breaks! 6.2 miles straight...piece of cake!

Here's to running zombies!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Continual Starting Over

I just feel like all I do is start over with running...even if I have been running some. I feel like it's practically brand new.

This morning was different though, I actually felt pretty good (on the treadmill) and to not jinx it I only ran 2 miles. I'll be kicking it up to 3 on Wednesday and see if I can eke out 4 miles this weekend. I only have 2 weeks left until Run Like Hell....yikes!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sleeping In

Mr. Decaf when he was little and cute

This morning I had no energy to get up out of bed and go to the gym to run on the Treadmill. Three miles, a treadmill and being sleepy tired do not add up to be a good workout (in my mind at least). So I took a rest day and slept a little more.

Should be good to go tomorrow morning - SWIM TIME!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Treadmill Fun

I'm thinking that I would enjoy the treadmill more if there were classes that were like this...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How To...

take off your wetsuit.

Okay, so this isn't so much for educational purposes as it is for the entertainment factor. The kid that is running around her is a crack-up!


Taking Off Wetsuit

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's On Your Mind?

Yup, I've got triathlon on my brain...already thinking about next season! I don't think that it can be here soon enough...SIGH.

I have reflecting quite a bit on my two triathlons that I did this summer and I am pretty convinced that I like them A LOT! 

My big goal was to do better on my swim at StumpTown and that has been achieved! I can't believe that I cut 4 minutes out of my time...so EXCITED - there is hope for my swimming skills yet! I gained so much more confidence the second time around. I am already thinking about preparing to do a Sprint Tri next year, which just means that the swim is a half mile instead of a quarter mile.

So I know what I need to do until next spring...more pool time to build up my endurance! When I'm in the pool I usually end up losing track of how many laps I have done. Then one day, not too long ago, I arrived at the pool to see a guy in the first lane with a bunch of pennies at the end of the lane I didn't get it at first. After a couple of minutes it was very clear - he was using those pennies to "count" his laps. Swim a lap, move a penny from the bag to a pile. SO clever! I'm going to borrow that technique and use it to keep track of my laps...we always have lots of pennies! I'm thinking I'm going to start with 10 and time myself and go from there. My goal for this fall and winter is to start adding time and getting myself to 30 minutes of almost continuous swimming. I say almost continuous because my asthma tends to slow me down a little and it's so easy to stop and rest while pool swimming.

While I work on my endurance, I think I will need to start training to do Bilateral breathing. Bilateral breathing is alternating breathing while swimming freestyle on the right and left side instead of continually breathing to one side only. This is a timing thing and I think I'll need lots of time to practice as I am a right side breather. During the StumpTown event I swam more freestyle and was also able to do my breathing every stroke along with every fourth stroke. It worked out pretty well and it was nice to switch things up a little. Always something to work on! 

Doing triathlons will be my big challenge for a long time. I thought I would just stick to duathlons, but I finally realized that I really don't enjoying running TWO times in one event. Yeah, it's a challenge, but it's more unpleasant than doing all three sports! So really, getting back into swimming was probably the best decision I ever made...and I never thought that I would enjoy it so much!

Looking forward to doing a Sprint Triathlon sometime in the Summer of 2012!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Time to start...

Planning for next year's events! And training too...So much fun!!!

Yesterday was my second novice tri and my goal was to have a better swim time and I beat my June swim time by just over 4 minutes! I think that's pretty cool considering I haven't been that diligent about swimming since Blue Lake, but I at least was able to get into open water a few times since then.

There were fewer people in the Novice group, which was nice, but also a little annoying as they were novices (like I'm not) and it showed! I know that there were a couple of gals behind me that were freaking out in the water, so my goal was to get away from them! Another thing about this swim was that I actually hung with the group for a lot longer than at Blue Lake and I really didn't like that so much. I REALLY need to join the swim group that meets at Klineline, that certainly wouldn't hurt. I think I just need to get over myself and just do it!

So, 17 minutes after we started I'm out of the water and making my way to transition - after looking at my watch I'm pretty convinced that I did better this time around :)

Transition #1 was more than 7 minutes, stupid wet suit. It took me a while to peel that thing off! I'm going to have to work on that.

The bike course is exactly the same as the Blue Lake and All Womens event...same with the run course. So really nothing to report there other than I was consistent with my times in each one. I kind of took it easy on the bike, but that would not have mattered because the run was soooo bad!

What a blast! I love the challenge of doing something new and different. My future goal is to do multisport events well.

What events will I do next year? Probably Blue Lake and possibly StumpTown...I think I need to throw one more in the mix for the fun of it! Time to start planning and training!

Next up, Run Like Hell - Portland on October 23...zombies baby!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Duathlons are...

MUCH easier to pack for! All I need for a duathlon are my bike and shoes...and clothes for post race.


This is just a part of the stuff that I pack for triathlon...

Just in case you are wondering the following are the items that I have laid out so far to pack up - 

Race Shirt
Swim Cap
Swim Goggles
Body Glide
Flip Flops
Running Shoes
Cycling Shoes
Bike Helmet
Transition Mat
Race Number/Belt
A couple of optional hygiene items to get the lake cooties off of me

My wet suit is hanging up in the hall and I still need to find my race shorts and gather up some clothes to wear afterwards. Until tomorrow evening I'll just let things sit while I check and re-check my items against the list and then eliminate items that I probably won't need - I tend to bring more stuff than I really need. 

I already have my bike ready to load onto the rack...so I'm good there. Oooh...maybe I should consider a my CO2 inflator and an extra tube. This would be the time that I get a flat tire! 

Tom will be an event volunteer Sunday morning which means he needs to be at Blue Lake at 5:30 to check in at the Volunteer Tent. That means that I'll be traveling to Blue Lake extra early - woo hoo. I think it will be okay, I'll just get lots of sleep the night before and then I'll just rest when we get there. When I am allowed to set up in the transition area I'll just mosey my stuff over there and chill until race time. I just hope that he isn't too far away when I need to pull on my wet suit...it is possible that I'll have to ask someone to help me in zipping up my suit....UGH!

Looking forward to my second tri...after I'm done with that I'll have about 6 weeks to prepare for Run Like Hell!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back To The Gym

I have been starting to feel a little guilty about not going to the gym as often as I had in the Spring...but really, who wants to train indoors when the weather is so nice out? Today was my first weekday back in the gym...that just means rising early two or three days a week and hoping to get into the pool before too many others show up or hoping that my preferred treadmill is available.

Today's swim wasn't all that great. I had a little open water action on Saturday (however brief) and then back into the pool on Sunday. I felt a little sluggish and my body just didn't feel like doing the swim action - and moving forward seemed more like a theory than actual reality. So I kept it brief and kept at it for 15 minutes and then out of the pool to get changed to get onto the treadmill.

Oh yeah, the treadmill...not exactly my favorite piece of gym equipment, but that's not a surprise, I'm not sure anyone really likes running on a treadmill. It's been a few months since my last run on the treadmill so I decided to keep it brief, knowing that I'll be able to get on the road later this weekend. I will need to get a radio tuner that is easy to clip to my clothes so I can enjoy the news or whatever is showing on the monitors while I'm running. Anyway, today I ran probably about 15 minutes on a treadmill that had a weird noise so I kept focusing on that instead of just ignoring it. I hate it when there is an odd noise - can't concentrate on the task at hand. I should have known, I should have just gone to the treadmill that I usually use at the gym...next time!

Less than two weeks and Stumptown will be here! So excited...but also, just wanting to get done with this so I can move on to my next goal.

So much to do...so little time (sigh).

collect the whole set!

Alliance Durafast Splice Maxback Training Suit

Okay, so there are just two colors, but at $70 it's hard to justify getting two suits at a time...but with the sale price at $49.99 a much more pocket-book friendly! My other 2 year old suit has finally decided to become not so pool friendly and seems to be losing it's shape over time. So, since I already own the black w/red I decided to go ahead and order the navy with white. I'm pretty sure it will fit!

Shipment from teamestrogen.com arrives tomorrow...woo hoo!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Very Profound Words

A comedian once claimed that all running does is allow you to die in good health. Okay, I'll buy that. - Hal Hidgon

Enough said.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Counting Down the Days

At this point I'm counting down until I do StumpTown - once I am done with this event, my second tri this year, I will start training for Run Like Hell. I won't have much time, but I think I can eke out the 10k distance if I stay consistent.

The sun is rising a little later each morning and the opportunities to run out on the road will become less frequent...so we'll have to go back to the gym on a regular basis to run on the treadmill. If you have been following me here, you know that not only is running something that I'm continually trying to embrace and learning to appreciate, but that running on the treadmill is not my favorite thing to do.So, that just makes the enjoyment of running even harder.

Right now I can picture myself lugging myself upstairs at the gym and going to the far end so I can at least check the happenings in the weight area and at the entrance. That's the only thing that keeps me somewhat engaged and not watching the console...ugh.

It's going to be a long fall and winter season....oye.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Body says STOP

So, last night we went and rode the Vancouver Bicycle Club time trial...the last time we went was June 30 and my time that night was a very disappointing 34:19. I don't know why, but even though it's a decent time, I know I know that I can do better. My best time from last season was 32:25 an excellent time! Last night I finished the 10 mile course in about 33:08 or so. I'll have to check out my official time on the website later.

This morning I got myself out around 6am for a run. It seems that this week has been short run week. I haven't done anything over 2 miles and threw in some hill repeats one day just because I know I need to do them! So, today, the day after going almost all out during the time trial, my legs were feeling a little tired. I wanted to stop so bad, but since I knew my run wouldn't be long, I had to continue on to get the maximum benefit from running and to win the internal battle of wanting to STOP. I know if I stop, starting up will be that much harder and the reality is, I really don't enjoy walking. Running is SOOO much quicker!

My morning runs will be coming to an end soon as the sun rises later each morning. That just means I'll have to go and run on the treadmill at the gym. Ugh. It's so hard to keep going on the treadmill stopping on the treadmill is so easy, just push a button! My motivation - the fact that we are going to run the Run Like Hell 10k in October! So that means I gotta...

run, Run, RUN!

Monday, August 8, 2011


I have decided to mail in my registration for Stumptown - the processing fee is $6.20!!!!That's a lot of coffee money in my eyes...they don't need any more of my money!

I've got Open Water swim on the brain today...maybe I'll get out and get into Klineline (shudder)...I need the practice!

Klineline doesn't look so bad from this side ;)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So, What's Next?

This has been a light event year, training seems to take up a lot of time, but we do have a couple of other events that we have chosen to do. Leaving lots of opportunity for other events that look interesting...but here are the ones we have picked so far. Actually, the tri is for me and the run is kind of Tom's choice (per my suggestion), but we'll both run it :) I am still looking to try to do a half marathon late this year - if that doesn't happen, there are plenty in the spring that we could train for, but for now I'm going to train as if I'm doing one in December!

I'm shooting for a better Novice distance finish

October 23 - 10k

Monday, August 1, 2011

2011 Team Felida Cycling...

is soooo DONE!
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This year wasn't the greatest year...my running has been waaaay down and I guess Robin hadn't been training much either. At least we were both in the same predicament. We both knew the event was coming up and still just going along our business until race day. Actually, I like to think that I "crammed" a little the week before, but that's silly...I was just getting out to get out of the house!

So, my big observation is not about how I raced or how Robin raced, but how we COULD HAVE placed if I had a chance to apply my logic to the teams that were signed up.

Hopefully I don't get lost in my thinking...for I AM thinking clearly now...

Okay, there were a total of 6 teams. Out of those teams, one of those teams was registered for the 70 and Under division - yay, no competition there. From the 5 that were left, one of those teams should have been in the 70 and Under division, unless new math dictates that 32+34=over 91. So in my mind, that would be an automatic DQ for not being able to ADD. Now we are down to 4 teams - two of those teams had 3 people each. Another automatic DQ - not fair having 2 different runners to run each leg. That's cheating. In the end that would have left 2 REAL teams in the 91 and Over Division. And with our minimalist training performance we STILL could have placed! Which is kind of funny because we would have STILL been LAST!

First or Last...we still could have gotten a medal ;)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Swimming? Riding? Running?

Yeah, so I feel like I fell off the face of the earth...hehe...I've been doing a little swimming, riding and running - just haven't done anything that is noteworthy I guess.

Since Blue Lake, I took a week of from pretty much doing anything physical. I celebrated a birthday, ran the 4th of July run in Ridgefield and went to Salem with Tom to participate in the Cycle Oregon Weekend ride.

After I decided I was done resting, I started running again. Now THAT has been going slowly! I haven't been really consistent with my run days...some days I hit the road and all is well, then other days it's not that great. I'm trying though. It's that mental struggle that I'm fighting most of the time.

With the All Women's Event this coming Saturday I am hopeful that I can get settled into a running routine that will still allow my cycling habit and also leave me with the time (and energy) to do some Open Water swims...my goal is to do better in the next triathlon I sign up for. Which will be Stumptown Tri and Du in just over a month!

So, this week is just a run week...no other activities to get in the way of trying to get my legs used to running.

This is my run chart for July - pretty pathetic!

I think I may have missed recording a couple of days of running - this just looks pathetic! I'm sure that I got out and ran during the week of July 11 - I think.

Posting this chart here will be motivation for me to keep on running. If I'm going to run a half marathon I need to get serious about this running stuff. Also, I'm getting tired of feeling like I'm not improving, but I know I can do more than 5 miles...I've done it before. I just need to keep at it! So, I'll be posting run charts more regularly after All Women's event.

This blog is to keep me motivated to continue improving...so I need your help to keep me going!

Monday, July 4, 2011

I've been running...honest!

I decided to add a gadget from the runningahead.com website where I log a lot of my workouts. It looks like I haven't been running a lot this year, but I think I have...really. Now that I'm in run mode - looking to do a half marathon before the end of the year, I think there will be recording more miles in my log.

Today was the Ridgefield Runner's 4th of July run. The course is out and back which seems to do nothing but climb after 3/4's of a mile. The good thing is that it's down hill from the turn-around - then another climb and flat all the way back. I walk most of the hills because there's no shame in walking! I did manage to run part of the hills, but only where it wasn't too steep. The chances that I'll run a good time at this particular race is pretty slim, but at least I get out there and do it!

Tom ran great this morning, completing the course in 25:50 (I think). Way to go Tom!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Open Water Swim

A beautiful body of water(?)
Yesterday was to be a open water group swim session with a group that swims with the Tornadoes coaches at Klineline Park.

Since I didn't see any swim type people in wetsuits and all, I decided since we paid the $3 fee to park, I should probably put my wetsuit on and go for it. I did see another guy and later found out he was just swimming on his own. So, after donning my suit, I made my way into the water and gave it a go.

At first when I started to swim, I immediately stopped...it seemed like I didn't have my goggles on, but I did. The swim wasn't all bad, but it is different being in an open environment. Also, there was a lot of plants growing in the pond. There was a spongy spot that just was plain icky. Note to self, aqua shoes...a must when swimming at Klineline!

After I swam out to a pylon, not too far out a couple of times, I decided to call it good. Definitely felt like $3 worth of swimming.

Even though it wasn't a great swim, once I got out and thought about it a while, I decided that I liked it. I'm looking forward to the next open swim session on Tuesday...looking to practice and get some more endurance and to actually learn how to swim in open water properly.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Time Trial's Revisited

It's been over a month since our last VBC Time Trial (that we both rode together). I was a little surprised that my time last night wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My May 12th time was 33:10 and last night was 33:54, not too bad.

I got my Trek back a little while ago and had it looked over by Mark (formerly of Performance) and promptly installed the Aerobars and my new seatpost. These are a couple of items that help me become more aero on the bike. The other thing - should I choose to indulge, would be an Aero Helmet because we all want to look like this guy...

Looks good right? I don't know - if I don't have a "real" tri bike, I don't think I want the helmet.

So, my fastest time is 32:25...I have until September 8 to meet or break that record...

Maybe I should get the helmet!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

On the Run?

Rest week is over and it was a good week of doing nothing!

This week I started up a new running plan so we can do a half marathon later this year. So far so good - looks like I'll have 3 or 4 days of running a week with my long runs on Saturday. Rest day ALWAYS on Monday and filling in the gaps with open water swimming, pool swimming, Thursday night time trials and whatever else we can think up because EVERY second of the day must be spent doing something! Not really...but it feels like it sometimes. What with working full-time and everyday living stuff.

So far after two days, I am sure that I will continue to improve. This morning was just a bit slower than Tuesday, but then we added some distance and I was a little tired. Just need to remember that there is NO SHAME in walking! Although, I'm not that big of a walker - especially if I'm in the middle of a run, it will just slow my average down!

The thing that has definitely helped is wearing my heart rate monitor during my runs. It's a little hard to whine if I know that I can work harder. That HR monitor has become an essential training tool I should ALWAYS train with it on!

Looking forward to a rest from run day tomorrow, just so we can hit it strong on Saturday!

36 days until the All Women's Duathlon...need to come up with a clever team name...now taking suggestions!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tom's Race Report?

Since Tom isn't much of a writer (as if I am)...this is a brief recap of his race the Sprint Duathlon.

Since things were in a bit of disarray with the transition area being relocated due to flooding, the start of the Duathlon was a little willy-nilly. Evidently the race started at 8AM, but not in a very smooth fashion...you know, by giving the racers a proper countdown of sorts. It was pretty much, everyone standing there ready to go and a race official yelling GO!

Run #1, 25:10 - I want to say that he ran like crazy, but that just makes me think of Phoebe running on friends...

Not bad for a guy who didn't  really trained much for this year's event AND had a little anxiety about his calf muscle starting to misbehave and becoming sore the night before the event. Bad calf muscle!

Transition #1 3:23 - personally, I don't think that the transition time should be counted in the overall time. Enough said.

Bike 36:19 - 12 mile Time Trial on Marine Drive...leaving Blue Lake Park and heading west toward the I-205 bridge. Tom's average was 19.83 mph - his fastest TT this year.

Transition #2 3:54 - this time COULD have been quicker had he not gone to the wrong transition section...the next one over Tom, the next one! See, transition times shouldn't count.

Run #2, 27:54 - Okay, so a little bit longer for the 2nd run, but a pretty decent time for riding a fast TT.

Tom's final overall time for the 2011 Blue Lake Sprint Duathlon was 1:36:40 which made him the 2nd place finisher! The first place finisher time in the 50-54 Age Division came in with a time of 1:26:11...DOPER!

Last year he was 3rd...Maybe next year, with a little more training, could possibly be his year to finish first...after we take out the dopers!
Tom with his medal

Now What?

I have spent the better part of the last year thinking, preparing and training for my first triathlon. Now that it is done, I've been thinking, "Do I want to do another?" I was pretty pleased with the fact that I actually did the Novice Tri and that I finished that my answer to that question is YES!

Not that I'm totally in LOVE with Triathlon, but because I want to continue improving my swimming, riding and running. I did enjoy the experience very much, that much I can say with confidence. I just keep thinking that I can do much better in the swim. With the Blue Lake event in late spring, I have realized that open water swimming without a wetsuit really isn't that smart. I get cold just thinking about it, what with the average temps this past Spring hovering in the low to mid 50s for the past month or so. Also, without a wetsuit, I could not participate in the local swim club's open water clinic a couple of weeks ago or the clinic that was at Blue Lake. Probably won't be getting in on the clinic at Lacamas Lake either.

That problem will be solved come my birthday...I have decided that I would like a wetsuit for my birthday and started researching what my options are. So many different models and prices to match! So far the one that has caught my eye would be the Orca S3...

This suit is a bargain at $199.00 and has received excellent reviews.
I thought I might want to save up for this, but Tom had asked if I might want a wetsuit for my birthday. At first I said no, but after some thought, I could get out into open water more often with a wetsuit and practice more for my next Triathlon. I had thought about going to the Ocean Shore tri, but I'm thinking that will be out this year. Too much to do in July with Cycle Oregon Weekend ride coming up and then All Womens event. I think it will be time to research what other events will be coming up later this summer and shoot for one of those.

It took a couple of days of reflecting on my Blue Lake experience. It would be really nice to actually do the Sprint distance next time!

In the mean time, I have decided to focus a lot on running (which still sucks) and my swimming. The bike, even though I need to ride to improve in that area, isn't as critical as my really poor areas...swimming and running. Rest first, start a new running plan and swimming when I don't run!

There is no rest for the weary!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 Blue Lake Race Report

I don't recall when I first thought I would do a triathlon...it may have been right after the 2nd run at the 2010 event. That sounds about right.
Setting up my transition area
Up until race day I had not been able to get out into open water - let's face it, we live in the Pacific Northwest and it's just too cold and no wetsuit equals no swimming in open water. So, I had to do some research and figure out what to do when I finally get to race day. A note, NOTHING prepares you for open water swimming, but actually getting out into a lake or river (or ocean).

Since I was doing the Tri-It my group of ladies started last. We were having a pretty good time standing in the water waiting for our start. I KNEW that someone was praying, because I felt no nervousness. I may have thought "What was I thinking?!", but that was about the extent of that not so positive thinking.

So we got going at 8:32 and the first thing I decided is that I would not panic or freak out. Which thankfully, I did not. The other thought I had was to just keep moving. All the freestyle swimming that I did in training did not even come into play during the swim. I may have done a little freestyle, but the breathing part was not happening very well. The best part about the swim....ANYTHING goes! Seriuosly, I did just about ever stroke that I could muster up and even made up some swim strokes, because I had the time. The comforting part - I wasn't the only one doing that. Hey, so I did a few strokes of freestyle, then a little propelling myself in my back. Then a little backstroke...doggy paddle? You bet! That was mainly during the times that I was sighting the buoys to make sure I was still heading in the right direction! All I needed to do is get myself the buoys.  I could also hang onto the buoy if I needed a rest or the boat if needed. I was determined to NOT do that.
Finally finished the swim and got myself out and to transition. 20 minutes...not exactly an earth shattering time, but this was my first tri and I wanted a challenge and there it was, the swim and I finished it. The rest would be a breeze!

My transition to the bike was sooooo long just over six minutes! Just coming up from the water to the transition area took a long time! Anyway, once I made it back to the transition I peeled off the wetsuit...got out of it as quickly as I could and took off with my wet shirt to pull on a dry shirt and get my shoes and helmet on and then grab my bike and head out. The chute going from the transition to the bike mount was so long and mostly on grass. I am not that comfortable running on grass (time to start training on grass!) so I did a fair amount of walking, mostly because I knew I could make up some time on the bike. The bike portion was fairly uneventful except when I got out on the road and saw Tom heading back to the park...that was like within a 1/4 mile of me starting the bike. This was my first time out riding my Trek Road Bike all decked out with my aerobars and new seat post. The most time I got on it was when I went over to the church next door to ride around and practice getting into and out of my pedals, which I was using yet a different pair of shoes than I have in the past years.

So, the bike portion is all on Marine Drive and goes from the Blue Lake Park entrance west and past the 205 bridge. Six miles seems like a long ways, but it was fun! Loved it! I passed several people, so I knew that there would be plenty of people behind me on the run. A comforting thought.

After completing the bike portion and upon my arrival back to the transition, there was Tom! He was finished! So he came over and we visited as I was taking off my bike shoes and getting on my run shoes...and off to run.

The run was actually pretty uneventful. What was different was that the course needed to be altered due to the flooding in what has been the transition area in the past years. So the turn around was a little further down the path and at the bottom of a hill. Oh yeah, I want to run uphill when I'm feeling a little tired! I always love the run portion, this is when you can see the other racers of all shapes, sizes and ages - Love it! Saw a lot of my Tri-it friends and felt not so horrible running even though all of my training runs have been very brief.

As I came up and around toward the finish I saw Tom off to the side...cheering me on! Made it past the timing mat and to the volunteers who were taking off the chips, got a water and then a finish medal...VERY COOL! Final time 2:00:44. I could have hustled through all of my transitions and I know that my swim can be better...but I'm happy with my time. My goal for my first tri - to FINISH.
This is a fresh out of the lake look...I felt grimy!

So While I was off swimming, riding and running, Tom was running, riding and running and getting 2nd in his age division in the Duathlon! Next year will be his year!

So Proud

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blue Lake 2011

Feeling a little tired...race report to come tomorrow!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

1 Day 11 Hours

Getting closer to the big day! Worked a half day so I could take care of some stuff.

Today's agenda -

1. Go to Athlete's Lounge to pick up the wet suit.
2. Visit Western Bikes
3. Buy a new battery for my bike computer
4. Go to the Thursday Night Time Trial.

Wet suit - done. Now I have to go back and have them repair a spot in the back that was overlooked while I was there picking it up. All is good, tomorrow is packet pick-up day at Fit Right Northwest and it's not too far from the tri store - I'll just visit them after I pick up my packet.

Western Bikes - forgot to get the address so I didn't go there :(

Battery - Arrived at Fred Meyer around 2:30 only to find out that the watch guy was away and would return at 3:00 - you have got to be kidding me. So I ended up wandering around the store for a half hour looking at stuff. Seriously, I never want to shop when I am in these situations. I just want to get the task done and vamoose!

Time Trial - Tom called around 4:15 or so to let me know that he and Floyd were stuck out in the boonies and that they might not make it back in time for the Time Trial. When Tom arrived home we decided to ride to the Fairgrounds Community Park to make up for not going to the Time Trial. NICE park! It will be an excellent option for running.

Tomorrow is going to be a little busy, but again, I have the afternoon off to go into Portland and then spend the rest of the afternoon getting my gear together and packed up and also get one last easy swim in before the day is over.

But, to start the day off right, we are going to Biscuits Cafe before heading of to work!


Blue Lake Here We Come!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

3 More Days

YIKES! 3 more days and I'm off to do my first Triathlon!

Had an excellent swim workout yesterday. Did 8 laps without much trouble...I am encouraged by the fact that my rests in between each pool length are getting shorter as time goes on and I know at some point I'll be a lap swimmer. The other thing that I'm liking a lot is that the wet suit will make the swim easier! So really, all I have to fret over is swimming in a LAKE. With Blue Lake being this coming weekend, I am pretty sure that getting into open water is NOT going to happen before Saturday. So I'll just have to get all psyched up and not think about the freakiness of it all. I better do some reading on-line somewhere. What I hope will happen is that there will be swimmers who, like me, are not that great and that I will be able to hang with a few of the 44 others that are registered in the novice race. That would be ideal :)

I'm feeling pretty much okay at this point.This morning Tom and I did a combination workout (ride then a quick transition to the run) which was good. My legs didn't feel like they were filled with lead, but then our ride was only 9 miles...the extra 3 miles on Saturday might make a difference. It's flat and fast and since I'm keen on time trialing, I'm pretty sure that I will push myself hard. Hopefully not so hard that I can't run the 5k. The run will be really iffy as I have not run a 5k distance in quite a while. The last time I ran a 5k was on March 27, but even then I had to stop a couple of times and walk for a while. Now that I think back on that run, that was really a 6k - it was the additional KM that messed with my mind. I better come up with my magic word or phrase to remind me that I'm capable of running 3 miles. Running, just like the swimming is not really a strong point. Thank goodness I have the bike to try to make up time.

Other things on my agenda this week...picking up the wet suit, packets for both Tom and I and finalizing my game plan for Saturday morning. Since I'll have the wet suit on Thursday that will give me a chance to practice putting it on and getting it off. Also need to finalize my race clothes too. This morning I entertained the notion of wearing just my cycle shorts and a sports bra underneath the suit for the swim so that I can slip on a dry shirt for the rest of the morning. However, I'm not feeling THAT comfortable with being essentially topless in a coed transition area. The good thing is that since the novice group swims last, there might not be too many people in the transition area to worry about. Oooh, I should also set up my transition area at home so I will have a good idea where I should place my shoes, helmet, food etc...Yeah, that's the ticket! So many things to think of, it's a wonder I'm not more out of control.

I better get a check off list started!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Natural Sprinters...

Man, this past Spring has been all over the place weather-wise! We have been able to get out to do some training runs and rides on the road and all, but over all, I haven't been out much to do much of anything else because of the training. We have been doing a lot of short rides 30-40 minute rides...and they don't add up to more than 7-10 miles at a time.

I can't help but think of this line from The Two Towers when Gimli says: "I'm wasted on cross-country! We dwarves are natural sprinters! Very dangerous over short distances!"

Okay, so this refers to running, but yesterday I got the same feeling while on my bike. Our longest ride this season was 16 miles and that was a hilly route that we took, but still 16 miles. Yesterday, we met up with Mark, Robin, Andrew and JB for a "friendly" ride to the end of Lower River Road. I wasn't feeling so good after we reached the end of the road and was in need of nourishment. As I mentioned before all of my rides have been training rides and I'm not in the habit of carrying food with me at this point. When the ride isn't more than 30-40 minutes at a time, there is no need. I'll be home soon enough! Yesterday I had a thought, with all the short distances that we have been riding, I've decided that I must be part Dwarf...hahaha. I like to think that I could be "Very dangerous over short distances!"

I love Time Trialing - I think that's where I am with my cycling. We have done the big rides, the goofy rides and rides with our friends. All good, but not as challenging as riding a course as FAST as you can. Riding fast on a course that is notoriously windy no less...that's where it's at for me right now.

Part dwarf. That's me!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Less Than Three Weeks...

Blue Lake here we come! Actually, registering for the event would be good...especially since this event is very popular. Maybe tomorrow...

Have been pretty diligent at following the training plan after doing the Shamrock Run and somehow I have been able to keep up with MOST of the training. Somewhere along the line, I lost a week of training (that would be within the last month) and now I'm down to the final three weeks.

I think I have had another break through with my swimming. All of a sudden I'm feeling pretty good about it, maybe knowing that the wetsuit will make the swim not so terrible is in the back of my mind...hmmm. Today I actually followed the workout as written and it was pretty much the best swim workout in weeks! Started out by swimming 100 yards and then resting briefly and then swimming 25 yards at a moderate pace with a brief rest at the wall...a total of 4 times. Then swimming the length of the pool and resting at the wall for the remaining time. It was sooo good! I've been feeling more confident the past few days - I'm so looking forward to June 11!

Also, last week I bought some ear plugs to help keep the water out of my ears, and those things are AWESOME! Not much water getting in, so no more water fluttering about in my ear.

Swim, Ride, RUN!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wetsuits goooood....

Took the next step in my triathlon quest and got fitted for a wetsuit today. I studied up a little bit on how to don one of these...it's not that easy, that's for sure, but with the help of a plastic bag was good. At first I thought I was going to hurt myself trying to pull it on while being careful not to damage the suit. I damage I buy...THAT would be bad!

So, I got the wetsuit on and popped out and got someone's attention - looking a little confused usually helps. It fit really well and my goodness, NOTHING moves! I jumped around and no jiggling anywhere...hahaha!

The woman (who was wearing a m-dot pendant) was quite helpful and told me after a quick once over that things looked good and that it was a good fit. Thank goodness for that, I don't think that I would want to try on any others...them suckers are HOT! After a quick tutorial on how to unpeel the wetsuit we were on our way!

So this wetsuit is going to make swimming easier...yay! I wonder what would make running easier...hmmmm.

I'm REALLY excited now and after looking at the training schedule, I somehow got off track. I lost a week somewhere...it's all good though. I'm not going for any records here, just want to finish. I would also like to enjoy my first triathlon, for I may want to do more this summer!

Swimmin', Ridin' and Runnin' BAY-BEE!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Crazy Thoughts

For some reason I have been thinking about half marathon training today. After a couple of quick searches I have found a plan that is doable - a training plan that will allow at least two rest days a week and will also allow me to continue cross training for triathlons. I am thinking, now that I'm getting closer to my FIRST TRIATHLON, that I will take a week off for rest after Blue Lake and then start my new running plan for a half marathon sometime this fall.

Now that I have taken a couple of days off, I'm feeling pretty good and motivated again!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Time Trials & Tri Training

VBC Time Trials...
Last night was our 3rd Time Trial and it was a good night! The day ended up being MUCH nicer than anticipated and there was a pretty big turn out...I know I spied someone wearing #35...there may have been a few more - we were lined up quite a ways out on the road. This week I was #10 and Tom was #11 - I like to leave before Tom so that when he passes me I'll have someone to look at for a little while. I also like to start within the first 10 starts or so...that way there will be plenty of people behind me and I won't feel like I'm going to be the last person on the course when I finally get my butt across that finish!

My start was a little slow (new start line pusher guy), but I got up to speed pretty quick hit the high 18s low 19s and tried not to blow up too soon - I tend to do that and then feel like I might die. In fact, I spend the first couple of miles wondering why I'm even Time Trialing. Oh, to challenge myself each week...that's right. Anyway, Tom passed me a few minutes in and then another rider and that was it for a few minutes. Soon enough then the TT bike riders started passing me...cheaters ;) I think fighting the wind was pretty equal going in both directions. I'm not good at tell what is a cross wind or not, but we had it all, except for a tail wind. THAT was pretty much non-existent. Gotta love Lower River Road!

Overall, I'm really happy with how my times are getting better. From the first week to the next ride which was two weeks later, there was no question whether or not my time would improve, the wind was THAT bad...fierce! The time improvement was about two and a half minutes. This week I improved my time by around 40 seconds, which seems more in the normal range of weekly improvement. I had to put in a lot of effort at the end when I caught sight of the finish, so much that I thought I might die! John says that if you are having a good time, then you are not doing it right. So I guess feeling like I might die is a good thing...hahaha!

I think we'll be working on the bikes sometime this weekend. After rooting around the Bike Garage a little I found that we have some shims that I can probably use to make my aerobars work on my Trek and get that all dialed in so I can start riding my fast red bike instead of my Fuji on Thursday nights. Finally implementing the plan that I thought up so long ago! The only problem I have with my Trek is that I will no longer have a computer to use since I have little real estate on my handlebars to support Aerobars AND a cycle computer. Dang it, I might have to get a new computer! Actually, that wouldn't be a bad idea. That would work out just perfect so I'll know exactly how many miles I have put in Time Trialing each season...very clever ;)

Triathlon Training...
I'm nearing the end of my 7th week of tri training, and this week was one of those weeks that I just wanted to get through the workouts. Not that I'm feeling uninspired, maybe just wanting June 11 to be here already! What am I saying?! I'm not ready yet!!! There will be a Open Water Clinic put on by Athlete's Lounge on June 4th at Blue Lake. Perfect! That weekend is my last weekend of training before Blue Lake Tri weekend, so I think I'm going to get in on that. Might also think about registering for Blue Lake while I'm thinking of it too...oh and get that wetsuit reserved.

So, until June 11th it's train, Train, TRAIN!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 5 Complete

I've reached the half-way point! Woo Hoo!!!

So this week I will have a couple of willy-nilly days because I loaned out my Beginning Tri book to a friend and I didn't have a couple of workouts written down. I guess those will be a couple of wild card days. I figure as long as I'm doing something, it can't be all bad!

Nothing really stands out from my last training week; however I am feeling a little unsure about my swimming. I am glad that I'll be doing the Tri-It distance...a 1/4 mile swim. That's a little further than 50 yards, which is currently what I can swim as I get started with my swim workout in a POOL. I know that open water swimming will be much different, I'm hoping that I just don't freak out (too much at least). I will need to reserve a wetsuit at Athlete's Lounge, maybe even take a trip to the shop one of these Saturdays. I know that I can do the swim, just need to have the opportunity to swim past the swimming pool walls!

Now all I need to do at this point is get over my allergies. With the trees budding out at different times, it's hard to say when I'll actually be done being drippy. There is still time.

Six weeks to go!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tri Transition No-No's

Okay, so I'm thinking that falling down is not good and it really doesn't matter if you are an elite athlete or just a goofball like me...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Slow Vroom

I looked forward to the first Time Trial of the season for so long that when it finally came and we rode and then finished, I wondered WHY...

Last Thursday was the first Time Trial AND It had to be THE windiest evening that I can remember since we started riding the time trials. Yes, I know that the wind whips up going down to Frenchman's Bar, but my gosh, it was horrible! So bad that about a mile into the ride I actually thought about stopping and just going back - but that would be admitting defeat and I don't want to be a quitter. I like to stop, but only after I have finished what I started. I had this feeling one other time, my first Century go HERE for that adventure. Quitting could have been an option, but waiting for a SAG wagon...yeah...well, that wasn't going to happen.

So I slogged it out 5 miles into the wind, wind that would stop you in your tracks wind and quite possibly cause you to go backwards. I had my cyclocomputer on my bike (Tom did not)...after about 1/2 a mile I was instantly demoralized. It was THAT bad. When you watch your average speed going down it's just not a warm-fuzzy feeling. Couldn't even get the right gear to keep at a decent cadence either...it was BAD. My very first EVER time trial was the last time trial of the 2009 season and it was better than last week's time. So...bad! I missed my first TT of the season goal by 1:21. I was shooting for 35:00. It took me 20 minutes to get to the turn around...that's like 4-5 minutes slower than my average times from 2010. That's how bad the wind was!

Okay, last week was the first TT and theoretically, I should get better times as the season goes on...I hope!

The only thing stopping me now is the RAIN...VROOOOOM!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 3 Repeat

With my allergies in full swing last week I decided to repeat week three  of my tri training. Which was a good thing, because I only did two days of workouts the first time I started week three. So this week was much better as far as my allergies - each day was a little better than the previous day and my workouts were all good.

The best day this week would have to be my run this morning - did 3 miles and every step felt great! Even my breathing was decent despite the fact that I have a problem with my asthma during allergie season. All was as good as I could hope for and I was able to finish strong and within a time-frame that I thought to be acceptable for where I am in training and with my allergies :) We are up early tomorrow for a ride before church and most likely will go to the gym to get in the pool after church.

Getting back on track...feels good!

Friday, April 8, 2011


This hasn't been the best week for training. I was able to do my Tuesday workouts (swim & run) and my Wednesday bike workout (cadence). I think I even did yoga once. That's pretty much it...my allergies hit and I've been too drippy and can't breathe, blah blah blah, to do any decent training let alone just getting through the day.

Since I do have an additional week at the end of this training period, I could just start over next week. Maybe get out on my bike tomorrow - really exasperate my allergies and breathe in more junk...yeah, that's the ticket! We'll see how things go tonight and how I feel tomorrow. If I can get out and do a short ride I'll be happy. Running is out of the question at this point and swimming...sticking my snotty face into the pool would not be wise.

So, I'm not going to go crazy - not now anyway...I figure I'm more on track with this tri that I have been for either of my Duathlons...so I'm ahead of the game!

Repeating Week 3 next week - hopefully...

Monday, April 4, 2011

2 Weeks Down...

10 more to go.

So far, training is going well. It has been fairly easy to following my plan, I haven't skipped anything (yet), but I do feel that maybe that my weekend run will have to occur on Saturday instead of Sunday along with my cycle session and we'll just do the optional swim on Sunday. That would be almost like two rest days in a row - I only think that because my swim sessions are very brief and at this point having been swimming for a few months now, consistently I am feeling more confident. The sprint distance may be possible yet...

This week's training is pretty much the same as last week, just stepping up a in a couple of areas. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for me as I'll be heading to the gym with Tom and doing my Swim session and probably my optional run as I will have lots of time while he is in Spin class. John will be leading tomorrow, so Tom is more than happy to head to the gym on a Tuesday and rearrange the week to accommodate my busy schedule for tomorrow. PartyLite calls...and I also have an appointment with my hairstyle magician...wee haw!

The beginning of week 3 is good so far. I like starting the week with a Day Off!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yesterday I had the idea that we would get up early and go to the gym for a swim workout, my main workout for the today. We got to bed a little later than I would have liked (darn Dancing With the Stars) and I got out of bed too early - Mr Decaf would have woken me up eventually had I not gone downstairs. With all that I would have had to pack for an early morning workout and to go directly to work, I thought it would be best to stay home and do a Yoga DVD or whatever Tom picked (pilates).

My optional workout for today is a run - off to the workout room here and onto the treadmill! 30 minutes of running in Zone 1 and gradually working up to Zone 2. I'll be swimming after work again this week and it will be brief as the Aqua Fit class starts at 6:00...and all the bobbers will be piling into the pool around 5:30...YIKES!

11 weeks of training to go...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week 1

So, I started my tri training this week...so far, so good...my week so far -

Monday - Rest or Optional Strength #1 (Strength Training= OUCH)
Tuesday - Swim #1 or Optional Run #9 (Yoga, Run AND Swim)
Wednesday - Bike #1 (Spin Class)
Thursday - Run #8 or Optional Strength (Yoga and Run #8)
Friday - Swim #1 or Optional Bike #1 (Swim)
Saturday - Bike #2

Tomorrow is the Fort Vancouver Run so that will be my workout for the morning. Tom and I will head to the gym for a swim and call it good for the week.

Week one almost done...11 more to go!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My registration for the Fort Vancouver Run has been received...I'll be running a 6k this coming Sunday!

females: 45 to 49 years of age
1. Tami Briggs Portland, OR 1076 46 F S
2. Karla Ferderer Vancouver, WA 1177 48 F
3. Kathy Fockler Vancouver, WA 1170 48 F L
4. Suzanne Frary Vancouver, WA 1058 48 F L
5. Roxanne Kennedy Sherwood, OR 1025 46 F L
6. Nancy Olschewsky Vancouver, WA 1233 45 F L
7. Natalie Osburn Portland, OR 1229 46 F M
8. Kris Osmus Vancouver, WA 1215 45 F
9. Cindy Shrum Vancouver, WA 1196 48 F
10. Tracy Smith Vancouver, WA 1242 45 F
11. Tammy Tumbaga Vancouver, WA 1110 48 F M
12. Jeanette Van Beek Camas, WA 1044 46 F M