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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taking Some Time Off

This is a "forced" time off per my new doctor of podiatry. I had some more x-rays done when I arrived at his office which offered a better picture of what was going on. Better in that I was actually standing up and actually applying pressure (my weight) to my foot instead of lying on a table and putting my put in the required position at Southwest.

Dr. Benson figured that I probably had a stress fracture during the summer and that at this point it is 90% healed. He also informed me that I had a bunion which probably helped to cause the stress fracture. He explained it all and I don't think I could explain it here. All I know is that my foot is only slightly deformed - what else could be wrong with me? I asked if the bunion would get worse and he said possibly...that's reassuring. He suggested that I not run until the New Year or walk or ride (outdoors). In true fashion I asked if I could ride my bike on my trainer and he said as long as I was just spinning and not applying pressure, like standing up, then I should be fine. Until the first of the year I'll be hanging out, spinning on my trainer and probably doing pilates to my hearts content. The fact that I can't even walk for fitness is even sad for me and I hate walking! That says something I think.

There is a "First Day" run on Dec 31 and Tom and I decided that the 1.5 mile would be doable, especially since I will do NO running and really, it is right before the New Year...so it is fudging just a little, but still, I'll just have to take it easy. Our plan was to do the 5K that evening, but when I start up again I am to take it really slow and just do embarrassingly short distances - no more than a mile at a time - and even less - for a week or two and then work up from there. I suppose I could do that - I really need to try to be a better patient about stuff like this. If I re-injure myself I might have to be in a walking boot for longer than a couple of weeks and the Duathlon may not happen and that would be a very sad. So I'm going to do all I can to give my foot a rest and let it heal completely.

the bare minimum

I have not been on my trainer or to the track to run/walk in a couple of weeks. I have been doing some pilates - IT'S TOUGH. I plan to do pilates again this morning and quite possibly a VERY SHORT run...maybe a mile, it's a little cold ;)

Tom and I are planning to run the First Run in Portland on the 31st that is going to be a very slow 3 miles...unless I can talk Tom into the 1.5 miles. If I do that then I'm just being a whimp! I know I can run the 3 miles...and I should!



Decided to do run only (2 miles)...my doctor appointment was moved up - gotta get going!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random Stuff

This week I got out with Kristan to the track and we walked...still congested and thought it best not to push it.

Also, got my x-ray results back - EVERYTHING IS NORMAL. Dang it, my foot still hurts and so does my hip. I go to the podiatrist next week, at least I'll have my foot checked out. Might have to go back to my doctor about my hip. Maybe I should start running and riding again like a fool.

Did some pilates yesterday - ooh, baby - that is hard! Good for my core which is key to good cycling and running.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Slowing down for the holidays

It has become apparent to me that I will not be running anytime soon and that I should be resting. We have been on the go since who knows when and now that I have a cold I guess this is just a sign that I'm supposed to chill for a while, which stinks because I want to get on my bike...even though it's on the trainer at the moment. That's pretty desperate. The running thing can wait, but my backside cannot get soft...must remember what that saddle feels like...ugh.

On the flip side, I have an appointment with a podiatrist in a couple of weeks - oh please be a good doctor - who is a marathon runner, so this should be good.

Until I get to the doctor I will focus on getting rested and well and maybe get out and walk at the track while Kristan and Kevin run.