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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So I DID register

I was starting to wonder if I actually registered for this event, especially when I got an email right away when I registered for the Vancouver Half  - which was just at the end of August. I probably did get a receipt for the payment, but I forwarded that to Tom so he could record it in the check register. So two months later and I finally got a congratulations email :)

Here it is...proof that I AM crazy!

CONGRATULATIONS on your 2013 registration!

Congratulations on your registration for one of the most FESTIVE events in Portland! Holiday costume contest, caroling, Santa photos, exclusive quarter-zip, long-sleeved event shirts, custom/commemorative bibs, and much more await you! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Was Wrong

This picture has nothing to do with running...although, I think I had gone for a run this particular morning!
In my last post, I spouted off on how I would stick to the plan for my speedwork session - well, that didn't happen and now I don't remember why - that was over a week ago!

I do remember that when I finally did make it to the track, that my first interval was actually pretty good. The plan was to do 2 x 1600...which turned into 1 x 1600 and then 1 x 800. I really don't recall what happened that week. I was tired, I know that, but then it seems like I'm always tired. Anyway, I was able to do the first interval 1 minute faster than the goal time on my training plan - I really need to learn how to slow down! That's probably what messed up my second interval. After my recovery lap I had every intention of doing another 1600, but after 800 I knew that it wouldn't happen that day. So I stopped and turned around and started to go home.

So, I finished up that run week with a 4 mile long run and then met Mary for a run/walk around HB Fuller. I have enjoyed getting together with her once a week and can see how she is improving each week. I love that Mary is willing to try to do better and with her brand new shoes, I'm hoping that she'll continue feel better each time that we go out and run/walk. I have decided to let her dictate how much we run - and she actually is doing more than I thought she would, so I try to build her up and celebrate those small victories with her! What she doesn't know is that I want to go to the track with her and time her as she runs one full lap around the track. Possibly this coming Saturday...hmmmm...

This week has be awful! To accommodate the plans we had for this week I switched up my run days to Tuesday and Thursday. Since I had an MRI scheduled for Monday, later in the morning and then an eye appointment mid-afternoon (I know how to have fun on vacation) I really didn't concentrate much on hydrating throughout the day. So my run on Tuesday morning was not good at all - totally felt sluggish and pretty tired. My run today was pretty bad mostly because I indulged in too much junk food Tuesday and yesterday - what am I supposed to eat at a baseball game?! And as usual, not enough in the way of hydrating. My tempo run was more like Speedwork because I just couldn't hold it together for the two miles that I had to do at tempo. Blaaaah. One of these days I'm going to figure out this tempo stuff, just not this week.

Next week is a total easy run week!!! So excited! I'll be doing 3, 3 and 4...THAT makes me HAPPY, HAPPY!!! I'll be back on a regular schedule with work and all that, so back into my routine.

One more run and I'll be done this week. Need to map out a 5 mile route for Saturday and do my best to prepare for that training run.

I feel like I'm taking a step backwards, but at the same time I'm trying not to beat myself up over the bad runs that I've had recently. At least I got out and ran!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Tomorrow is Wednesday and I have Speed Work for my workout. I have noticed that with the training plans that I have created through the Runner's World website that the first speed work is 2 x 1600...HOLY COW! WHY can't we work up to that...by doing 8 x 400s or 3 x 800s or whatever...HUH?! It's not like I can't do it, I've done it before, I think just one time. Which is why I have been so resistant with each of the plans that have that as the first speed work.Yes, I'm a whiner...

I'm trying to change my attitude about this particular workout and will be doing this regardless to what I'm thinking/feeling tomorrow morning. With Tom as my "coach" I will have to listen to him as I won't be trying to modify the workout to be easier than what has been prescribed. I may die in the process...but I won't modify the plan.

This is brain training at it's finest - thinking about it for a couple of days ahead of time and then having second thoughts the day before. We'll see what tomorrow morning brings!

My goal is to stick to my HM training plan as closely as possible and switching up runs day as needed. I've done too many revisions to past plans (although it didn't hurt the end results) and I would like to see what it's like to actually follow the plan to the last workout :)

Good luck to me...LOVE running!