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Friday, February 27, 2015

another month down

Wow...another month has just whizzed by like nobody's business!

This month was all about getting the miles in each week and things were going well until just last weekend and I just couldn't get the 8 miler out as I did the previous week. I thought, okay, we'll take it easy and go out before church the next day. NOPE not gonna happen. After 3 miles I asked if we could be done and go home.

SO, because I'm a little on the crazy side - I thought we should take the miles for this week of training and divide them out over 5 days and do that this week. Yep, just a little crazy, but harmless....

We ran every single day...the weekly total was 18 miles which worked out to be 3.6 miles per day. Yeah, so things were okay...until Tuesday and we fell short. So Wednesday we ran 4 to kind of make up for it. By Thursday I was tired and so today we needed to run 4 again. The good thing is that we only missed the weekly total by .3 miles, but I'm not going to quibble over that because NOW the Fort Vancouver Run on Sunday will be a bonus!

Tomorrow I will cherish not getting up at 4:15 and not heading out the door at 5 and feeling oh so tired... the other thing we need to do tomorrow is go to packet pick up and get our stuff for Sunday. Dang, a trip to Fit Right!

Until then...we REST.