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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lots Of Good Things This Week...

This week I have experienced a really good swim session and a really good run session. I don't know what gives, but I'll take it! Also other things are falling into place. I'm a happy camper!

Got into the pool yesterday and did 400 yards - not without stopping, but with brief rests at the end of each lap and really brief stops after each length. It gives me hope that I'll be able to swim the quarter mile in June without too much trouble. The next challenge would be swimming a 1/2 mile total. We'll tackle that after the Blue Lake event June.

Really good run after 3 not so great run days - one day last week I forgot my socks, on Saturday I had planned to do a long run, but my asthma decided to make my run difficult and this week on Tuesday I forgot my sports bra. I was better prepared today, mostly. Today I only forgot to grab a water bottle, which is fine because I figure I could run for 30 minutes without having to take a sip of water and I would just hydrate all afternoon anyway. My run felt REALLY good. I went a little on the slower end of the spectrum at 1% incline and did 2.22 miles and I feel pretty good about that. I'll try another 5k this Saturday - which is doable, just need to run early instead of later and stay away from all the stinky cars. Early in our run on Saturday I inhaled a bunch of diesel exhaust which was not helpful at all.

The other exciting thing is that the Vancouver Bicycle Club posted that the  Time Trials start on April 21st!!!! Okay, so that is still a couple of months away, but I have been looking forward to the TT's starting up since they ended last September. I'm a sad little person...not really!

Shamrock Team is shaping up, as of today we only need one more participant. I have been assured that this will be done before the deadline. Next year I'll have to re-think how to handle getting the team together - I may move to do the mail-in registration which would also save us the $2.22 processing fee. Now that we are 99% there all I can hope for is NO RAIN! I can do cold (to a point), but rain is just plain miserable.

I'm so looking forward to all the events that we are planning to participate in. In some ways it has made this winter go by just a little quicker as we have been running and spinning and getting into the pool and splashing around.

Swim, Ride, Run - Baby!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Divorce by Triathlon?

As I was listening to Here and Now on OPB I happened to pick up on this report on triathlons and their affect on marriages. I realize that this report really focuses on the serious type athletes...I could be serious, but that takes way too much energy ;)

I'm looking at my athletic endeavors as a hobby and will keep my marriage intact.

Go to this link for the report Divorce By Triathlon

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Still Chuggin' Along...

It's been a while since I last posted something here...truth is, nothing much has changed. Still running and swimming and we have been lucky enough to get a couple of road rides in too.

Have been focusing on getting a team together for the Shamrock run. MAN! We have a team of 7 people so far for the run and need at least 8 more people. I'm sure as the deadlines approaches those who have shown interest will actually register for the run. It is slightly stressful, but all good.

Having the Shamrock Run on March 13 is perfect! It will give me a couple of weeks to rest and get ready to start my training plan for my first triathlon. The crazy thing is at by the time the Shamrock is here and done Blue Lake Sprint Tri & Du will be 13 weeks away. Those training weeks are going to go by quickly!

I'm excited! Soon our calendar will be filled with cycling, running and multisport events and we'll also have the Thursday night Time Trials to look forward to as well. Here's to Swimming, Riding and Running!