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Friday, June 22, 2012

I should have known...

That if I write a post about liking running that things will go down hill...and quickly.

This week was not so great. Have been a bit under the weather pretty much since Saturday. At first I thought I had allergies (which I think I may have) and then it seemed that those symptoms morphed into a bit of a cold. Yay for me.

So, I'm coughing and dripping all over the place and hoping that maybe on Monday I can re-visit my half marathon training plan.

This week...I miss running, but then I've really liked all the sleep that I got the past few days!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I like running.

So I am nearing the end of week two of my Half Marathon training plan. I have to admit that I am actually enjoying this activity that is running. Crazy!

Monday was 3 miles, today I ran 2 and Saturday and do another 3 mile run. Each week I will be increasing my weekly mileage by at least one mile. I haven't looked too far ahead, but I do know that on the 30th my long run will be 4 miles. Normally that would just freak me out, but as I mentioned before...I'm enjoying my runs!

With the 4th of July coming up quickly, I'll need to start getting out and running on some hills! Ridgefield is not exactly flat land running...OYE.

Tomorrow and Friday are rest days or cross training if I choose. Maybe I'll do something on Friday, I am thinking sleep will be good tomorrow morning!

Friday, June 8, 2012

In A Groove...

A fierce competitor!
So, this year has been crazy! Started the year with a little running, did a lot of swimming and made some goals. Then Tom went and got in an accident and everything came to a screeching halt! Then I had some MRI issues and that didn't help matters much.

In April I started a crazy challenge for myself, but after a week, that ended. On April 11th, Tom was in his accident and I spent a lot of time going back and forth to the hospital and just hanging out. Even after Tom was able to go home, I was busy doing stuff for him, doing stuff around the house AND still going to work full time. So, very tired!

I think at the beginning of May I decided it was time to start doing something physical...so I got out and started running again. I managed once a week for a couple of weeks and then the next week I think I did 2 runs. THEN I actually had a 3 run week! Woo Hoo!!

When I got to that point I thought about how much I miss running (even though I suck at it) and thought about the events that I knew were coming up. My plan is to run the Ridgefield 4th of July run and then continue training for the Run Like Hell...possibly the 1/2 marathon, but most likely will end up doing the 10k like I did last year. So, I'm following a 1/2 marathon plan, but it will work for a 10k in a pinch!

The VBC Time Trial season started about a month ago...I'm hoping to get out there a few times this summer...even if Tom is there just watching.

I've decided to save my triathlon efforts for when Tom will be able to compete in the Duathlon again - so 2013 will be our year back into multisport!

I miss having Tom with me on the road and I have missed riding my bike, but there are other things that I need to pay attention to, but I know that in time, we'll be back out there tearing up the road together!