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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tri Transition No-No's

Okay, so I'm thinking that falling down is not good and it really doesn't matter if you are an elite athlete or just a goofball like me...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Slow Vroom

I looked forward to the first Time Trial of the season for so long that when it finally came and we rode and then finished, I wondered WHY...

Last Thursday was the first Time Trial AND It had to be THE windiest evening that I can remember since we started riding the time trials. Yes, I know that the wind whips up going down to Frenchman's Bar, but my gosh, it was horrible! So bad that about a mile into the ride I actually thought about stopping and just going back - but that would be admitting defeat and I don't want to be a quitter. I like to stop, but only after I have finished what I started. I had this feeling one other time, my first Century go HERE for that adventure. Quitting could have been an option, but waiting for a SAG wagon...yeah...well, that wasn't going to happen.

So I slogged it out 5 miles into the wind, wind that would stop you in your tracks wind and quite possibly cause you to go backwards. I had my cyclocomputer on my bike (Tom did not)...after about 1/2 a mile I was instantly demoralized. It was THAT bad. When you watch your average speed going down it's just not a warm-fuzzy feeling. Couldn't even get the right gear to keep at a decent cadence either...it was BAD. My very first EVER time trial was the last time trial of the 2009 season and it was better than last week's time. So...bad! I missed my first TT of the season goal by 1:21. I was shooting for 35:00. It took me 20 minutes to get to the turn around...that's like 4-5 minutes slower than my average times from 2010. That's how bad the wind was!

Okay, last week was the first TT and theoretically, I should get better times as the season goes on...I hope!

The only thing stopping me now is the RAIN...VROOOOOM!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 3 Repeat

With my allergies in full swing last week I decided to repeat week three  of my tri training. Which was a good thing, because I only did two days of workouts the first time I started week three. So this week was much better as far as my allergies - each day was a little better than the previous day and my workouts were all good.

The best day this week would have to be my run this morning - did 3 miles and every step felt great! Even my breathing was decent despite the fact that I have a problem with my asthma during allergie season. All was as good as I could hope for and I was able to finish strong and within a time-frame that I thought to be acceptable for where I am in training and with my allergies :) We are up early tomorrow for a ride before church and most likely will go to the gym to get in the pool after church.

Getting back on track...feels good!

Friday, April 8, 2011


This hasn't been the best week for training. I was able to do my Tuesday workouts (swim & run) and my Wednesday bike workout (cadence). I think I even did yoga once. That's pretty much it...my allergies hit and I've been too drippy and can't breathe, blah blah blah, to do any decent training let alone just getting through the day.

Since I do have an additional week at the end of this training period, I could just start over next week. Maybe get out on my bike tomorrow - really exasperate my allergies and breathe in more junk...yeah, that's the ticket! We'll see how things go tonight and how I feel tomorrow. If I can get out and do a short ride I'll be happy. Running is out of the question at this point and swimming...sticking my snotty face into the pool would not be wise.

So, I'm not going to go crazy - not now anyway...I figure I'm more on track with this tri that I have been for either of my Duathlons...so I'm ahead of the game!

Repeating Week 3 next week - hopefully...

Monday, April 4, 2011

2 Weeks Down...

10 more to go.

So far, training is going well. It has been fairly easy to following my plan, I haven't skipped anything (yet), but I do feel that maybe that my weekend run will have to occur on Saturday instead of Sunday along with my cycle session and we'll just do the optional swim on Sunday. That would be almost like two rest days in a row - I only think that because my swim sessions are very brief and at this point having been swimming for a few months now, consistently I am feeling more confident. The sprint distance may be possible yet...

This week's training is pretty much the same as last week, just stepping up a in a couple of areas. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for me as I'll be heading to the gym with Tom and doing my Swim session and probably my optional run as I will have lots of time while he is in Spin class. John will be leading tomorrow, so Tom is more than happy to head to the gym on a Tuesday and rearrange the week to accommodate my busy schedule for tomorrow. PartyLite calls...and I also have an appointment with my hairstyle magician...wee haw!

The beginning of week 3 is good so far. I like starting the week with a Day Off!