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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ugly, ugly...

Post Race Warm Up at Starbucks

This sweatshirt has seen some action!
Today is Day 10 of the STREAK...and we did the Ugly Sweater Run in Ridgefield. The forecast from earlier in the week came true and there was RAIN! The route is the same as the 4th of July run, so there were no surprises. There were a couple of people that I  know there, so that was fun.

The only thing different about today was that Tom ran this one with me. I tried to run as much as possible as I tend to walk a lot on this route. However, since it was raining and not overly warm I thought running more would be best.

In looking at the results...just now...this is surprising for me - 2nd place in my age group!!!! Whaaat...asthma girl with the shorty legs...SECOND place?! Wahoooo!!

I think I need to do the smaller races to place. New goal for 2016 - enter races that don't have many people registered. Yeah, that's the ticket!

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